“Big” miss A's Suzy & Gong Yoo Kiss Scene Bloopers Revealed!

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The bloopers from Suzy of K-Pop idol group miss A and actor Gong Yoo's kiss scene in the KBS drama "Big" have been released.

On the 25th of June, the 7th episode of the KBS drama "Big" featured Jang Mari (Suzy) attacking Kang Kyung Joon (Gong Yoo) with a sudden kiss. Even though both Suzy and Gong Yoo are skilled and experienced actors, the bloopers that have been released reveal that the kiss scene wasn't all that easy to create.

In the footage that has been released, Suzy looks a little nervous and hesitant before filming the kiss scene and even Gong Yoo makes a mistake while saying his lines.

At this nerve wrecking but comical sight, staff members at the scene begin to tease Gong Yoo by saying things like, "You were so stiff,” "You never make mistakes on your lines, what happened?" and "This is the first time seeing you make a mistake on your lines in two months."

When staff members first begin teasing him, Gong Yoo tries to deny it but after a while, he eventually says, "Yeah, you're right" and admits to being a nervous wreck. After hearing Gong Yoo admit to being nervous, staff members tease him even more by saying, "This is even the first time you're admitting to something so easily" and brought laughter on set.

Even after Suzy kisses him, Gong Yoo begins to squint from forgetting his lines again and bursts out laughing. Mistake after mistake, Gong Yoo says, "I feel like I'm going to die. Let's finish this quickly. There's so much to film today" and began to change the subject from embarrassment.

After receiving countless kisses from idol girl group member Suzy, Gong Yoo states, "It's my lucky day" and makes everybody laugh. After Gong Yoo jokes around and relaxes a bit, he begins to tease Suzy which shakes her up, leading her to make mistakes.

The bloopers brought smiles to the faithful audience of the KBS drama "Big" by showing the bright and energetic atmosphere of the set.

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