MBLAQ Goes Beyond Expectations at "BLAQ%"

If anything could be over 100%, it was "MBLAQ%."

K-Pop idol group MBLAQ appeared on stage for a performance in Korea. On July 21 at the Seoul Olympic Hall, MBLAQ's "2012 MBLAQ the BLAQ% Tour in Seoul" officially began. Approximately 4,000 fans showed for to show support for MBLAQ.

MBLAQ has always had a "warrior-like" concept since the beginning of their debut. The members decided to call the concert BLAQ% to symbolize their effort to go beyond 100%. Just like they were aiming for, their tour clearly showed that MBLAQ has gone way beyond their expected potential.

MBLAQ caught the attention of the audience by appearing in the air hung by wire and performed "Run" and "Y." Seungho stated, "It's been so long since we saw our Korean fans. It's so nice to see you! We will show you by our performances on stage rather than by words."

MBLAQ shined on stage throughout their whole concert. During their individual performances, G.O sang the song "Cracks of My Broken Heart" and showed off his vocalist skills. Chundoong on the other hand showed off his skillful rapping and dancing to the song "Don't Go." Mir performed to "I Want to Go Crazy" and changed the atmosphere completely. Seungho impressed the audience by playing the piano, doing magic and dancing. Seungho reportedly lost 7kg (approximately 15 lbs) for the concert.

One lucky guest was chosen from the crowd to spend 5 minutes on stage as a "5-Minute Lover" with Lee Joon. He ended up performing on stage with a 13 year old unexpectedly and stated, "I'll make sure to tone down the sexy dances." Lee Joon then captivated the audience with his ballet moves.

The most memorable performance was by G.O and Mir while they performed "Wild." The performance for "Wild" was a special present to their fans that showed up at the concert since the performance has never been revealed on television.

Members of MBLAQ who often appeared on television shows and dramas appeared on stage as the "oppa next door" type of character as well and joked around with their fans. Their clever remarks and jokes entertained their fans throughout the concert.

Mir mentioned, "I thought I was going to go crazy from how sexy I was whenever I was practicing the performances for the concert."

Lee Joon also commented, "When I heard Seungho's singing, I thought a pop star came to Korea."

G.O also added, "We couldn't communicate much when we were abroad but it's so nice to be able to communicate with our fans. Our Korean fans are the best" expressed their gratitude.

"BLAQ% Tour" is MBLAQ's first Asia tour 3 years after their debut. On July 26 and 27, MBLAQ will continue on to Osaka, Japan and in Tokyo on July 30 and 31. The tour will wrap up in Taiwan on August 18.



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