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[PHOTO] Roger Federer #PhotoshopRF Photo Gallery: Fans Make Swiss Tennis Player’s Request Go Viral On Twitter

By Sophia Steele | September 26, 2014 10:44 AM EDT

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Whatever Roger Federer, the king of tennis, orders, gets done it seems. His one request for fans to photoshop him in different locales in India resulted in a mountainous amount of Roger Federer’s face photoshopped in all sorts of pictures. If you don’t want to sort through all the Twitter feeds to check out cool #PhotoshopRF pictures, here is a handy photo gallery for you flip through!

So how did #PhotoshopRF all start? Roger Federer felt really sad that he will only be in Delhi for two days and will miss out on all the cool sites. Talk about a bad case of FOMO.

"India, here I come! Looking forward to playing two matches in Delhi on December 7th & 8th. I'm beyond excited!" Federer tweeted.

"I need some help from my supporters in India. I'm only in Delhi for a few days, so can't visit all amazing places that I'd like... Maybe you guys could help?"

And thus the photoshopping storm began. People from India and all over the world with Adobe Photoshop installed on their computers began to select Roger Federer’s face and paste it into all the memorable Indian places. One Twitter user put the king of grass in Kanha National Park, at Hogenekal Falls and chilling on Marina Beach. Others went for more banal, but funny options like photoshopping Roger’s head on a banana seller, a yogi and more.

Check out Roger Federer’s #PhotoshopRF photo gallery and let me know which one is your favorite!

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