SIVA Halloween Party

K-Pop Destinations: India Hosts K-Pop Festival In New Delhi This Weekend

Features 11.28.15 | 04:08PM EST

In India this weekend? Then check out this amazing festival that's the perfect blend of old and new Korea.

Profile of a K-pop Fan Anoushka Ekka of India

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Dedicated K-pop Fan Anoushka Ekka Of India On How She Discovered EXO Through The Fine Bros

Interviews 07.11.15 | 01:30PM EDT

One YouTube video changed Anoushka Ekka's life forever.

100 Years Of Indian Beauty

100 Years Of Indian Beauty

Trendz 05.31.15 | 09:40PM EDT

100 years of beauty is back! This time, the focus is on the beauty trends from India over the past ten decades.


India Opens Up To K-Pop

Features 02.11.15 | 07:42AM EST

With its first concert tour and a variety show filming, India looks like it's the next country to fall under the power of Hallyu.

Tigers [PHOTO]

Tiger Numbers Surge In India, Latest Census Reveals Great Progress Against Poaching [PHOTO]

Trending News 01.21.15 | 02:50PM EST

Tigers India

[PHOTO] Roger Federer #PhotoshopRF Photo Gallery: Fans Make Swiss Tennis Player’s Request Go Viral On Twitter

Star's Daily Life 09.26.14 | 10:44AM EDT

His one request for fans to photoshop him in different locales in India resulted in a mountainous amount of Roger Federer’s face photoshopped in all sorts of pictures.

India's Satellite 'Mangalyaan' Makes It To Mars: Becomes First Asian Nation To Reach Mars Orbit; Accomplishment Despite Low Budget Showcases Country's Capability [PHOTO]

Trending News 09.24.14 | 09:49AM EDT

India Mars

Harmandir Sahib, India

The holy Harmandir Sahib in India

Trendz 09.15.14 | 04:27AM EDT

Built in the Seventeenth Century, the Harmandir Sahib, known as the Golden Temple, is the center of Sikh faith. The fifth Sikh Guru, the leader of the Sikh faith, built Harmandir Sahib as a place of spirituality for all monotheistic faiths, with a door opened on four different sides as a sign of welcome for anyone. In the Nineteenth Century, the upper section of the Temple was covered in gold giving it an added level of beauty, and bestowing upon it the nickname of the Golden Temple. Those who visit the Golden Temple will find that it houses the Guru Granth Sahib, the holiest text of Sikhism, on display at all times.


Beautiful dancing in Rajasthan

Trendz 09.10.14 | 06:11AM EDT

Music of India and Dance of India are few of the main attractions during India travel and Rajasthan travel. Gair dance of Rajasthan is full of entertainment and joy. You can also see colourful Indian dresses in the Gair Dance of Rajasthan, India.


This Might Be One Of The Weirdest Cultures You Will Ever Know In Your Whole Life! India Is Like No Other!

Trendz 09.05.14 | 03:15PM EDT

One of the weirdest and controversial culture of India is “Baby Dropping.” Baby dropping could be India’s most bizarre ritual. Screaming, wailing babies are dropped from several meters into the air, and there are a group of 14 to 15 men standing right below, holding a blanket that breaks the baby’s fall.

marrying a dog

You Won’t Believe That This Girl From India Marries A Dog! OMG! What’s On Her Mind?

Trendz 09.05.14 | 03:09PM EDT

How would it be possible that a human marries an animal? It may be sound so unusual and disgusting but this what happened to an 18-year-old Indian girl has married a stray dog as a part of a tribal ritual designed to ward off an evil spell.

Cow Urine: India's Bizarre Quest For Wellness

Cow Urine: India's Bizarre Quest For Wellness

Trendz 08.25.14 | 01:18PM EDT

A growing cult of Hindu worshippers in India believe that drinking fresh cow urine will help prevent illness - including cancer.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 19-Year-Old Nivetha Rajamanickam Discusses Hallyu In India And Why She Loves CNBLUE [EXCLUSIVE]

Headlines 12.30.13 | 07:31PM EST

"I can't explain exactly why, I just know that I love their songs and I love them," Rajamanickam said regarding CNBLUE. "I need to listen to them every single day."

India Mars Mission Is on Its Way To Mars; Indian craft leaves Earth’s Orbit

Trending News 12.01.13 | 12:06PM EST

India Mars Mission Is on Its Way To Mars; Indian craft leaves Earth’s Orbit

Mars MAVEN Is Ready for Launch; Will Arrive on The Red Planet Two Days Ahead of India's Mars Mission

Trending News 11.17.13 | 04:22PM EST

NASA says Mars MAVEN Is Set for Launch; Will Arrive on The Red Planet Two Days Ahead of India's Mars Mission

Vinegar Cancer Test Cuts Cervical Cancer Deaths by a Third in India; Inexpensive Low-Tech Test Is `Amazing’

Trending News 09.27.13 | 02:23PM EDT

A study found that an inexpensive vinegar cancer test cut cervical cancer deaths by one third in the slums of India.

Ford Ecosport India Launch Price 5.59 Lakh [VIDEO], Ford Ecosport USA launch possible, brings Compact SUV with Voice Connectivity

Trending News 07.02.13 | 08:34AM EDT

Ford Ecosport India Launch for Growing Compact SUV Market


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