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Nu'Est Debuts Japanese Single 'Shalala Ring' At 'Girls Awards 2014' Ceremony Before November Release

By Lily James | October 03, 2014 11:25 AM EDT


Soon after wrapping up their concerts in Mexico, Brazil. Chile and Peru, Nu'Est made their way to Japan. 

The five-member K-pop group performed their Japanese debut single "Shalala Ring" even before its November 5 release date in Tokyo this week. 

The boys of Nu'Est performed at the "Girls Award 2014" ceremony held at Tokyo's Yoyoki Stadium on October 1, according to the Japanese media outlet Sankai Sports. Nu'Est performed their pre-released single for an audience of 34,000 people.

Nu'Est had previously revealed that they would be releasing "Shalala Ring" over the fall during a concert at the Maihama Amphitheater in August, according to Allkpop. 

"We want to keep the people we love smiling through this song," stated Nu'Est member JR

Ren added, "I am really joyful to share our thoughts through the Japanese lyrics."

The band's upcoming EP under the same name will consist of two tracks, including "Shalala Ring" and "Flying Angel," according to the media outlet Jpop Asia. 

The "Girls Awards" is one of Japan's biggest fashion and music events that has been held annually for the past ten years, according to the Korean news outlet Osen Entertainment. Artists from different countries, including Alexandra Stan and Doberman Infinity were included in the lineup as well. 

Along with their showcase of "Shalala Ring,"Nu'Est returned to a Japanese audience with a more refined concept as they performed the track "Good Bye Bye," the title track from their recent album "Re:Birth." 

"The title song 'Good Bye Bye' is a song about a man letting go of love and I think it's a song where you can hear our more matured vocals especially the chorus part 'Good bye baby good bye baby.' It has an addictive feeling to it," explained member Min Hyun during an interview with the publication K-Popped.

As the boys continue to "mature" in their music, fans are reacting to them differently since they debuted over two years ago. 

"Fans' responses have totally changed. Before, people came to see us beause we're on the same stage with After School, but now we have our own stage," JR sated in an interview with Vogue Girl magazine. 

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