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K-Pop Music Review: TVXQ - Catch Me

By Staff Reporter | December 07, 2012 04:49 AM EST


TVXQ ( or DBSK) is Asia's top performance group since they debuted at the end of 2003. Under SM Entertainment they've been on various charts for many years and still continue to do so. The former 5-member group has been given titles as "The Kings of K-Pop" or "The Kings of Hallyu" from various fans internationally and domestically. 

Since 2011, the group is currently a duo, due to pressed charges against the company by 3 of the former members.

The duo released their fifth album Keep Your Head Down and then followed with a featurette on a drama soundtrack for the show, Athena: Goddess of War.

For "Catch Me", it actually had to be play a few times before I fell in love with it. I'm very satisfied with the back track incorporation of the piano and violin riffs and exotic dub-step influence. Vocally, I'm not disappointed at all. Max always hit the long high notes. Harmonics are through the roof in the chorus. This is truly a song that should be in an action film soundtrack like right... Wait for it.... NOW. This actually gave me a small percentage of old DBSK (and I mean DB5K) nostalgia. I miss them as five.

Well SM Entertainment is rarely a company that spends the investment on crazy over the top movie-esque music videos. So they get a few crazy sets and dance in them. But I'm very confused as to what the album concept is. The video itself has signs of scientific backgrounds and robotic aliens' costumes and sets. And before I go on, the outfits that are shown in the first few second, not the best. Sure, they look amazing in them regardless of what I say; it just distracts me to a certain extent.

Since this is now a duo group, they really are depending on the backup dancers for majority of the intricate and complicated choreography. But one move that really catches my attention is the transition between Yunho to Max's line and the backup dancers practically raise him up while he hits the note. Also when everyone is lined up to create these visuals with the assistance of the LED sleeves that are very impressive.

Currently DSBK is doing various promotions both indiviual and together for the album Catch Me and with SM Entertainment for future tours and international activities in the future.

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