MBLAQ Release Solemn Teaser For 'Mirror'

J.Tune Camp has released the first video teaser for MBLAQ's eighth mini-album "Mirror" through their official SNS account.

The teaser sets a solemn tone as members G.O, MIR, and Seung Ho, travel down the road in a sleek black car. Each member looks deliberately away from the camera as it zooms in on their faces. In the background the piano plays. At the end viewers are treated to a single line of the song, sung by G.O, while rain falls onto their open-roofed car. The video depicts a far more melancholy theme than the teaser photos released earlier this week.

"Mirror" marks MBLAQ's first release as a three person group. Last year, members Lee Joon and Thunder announced their departure from the group with the expiration of their contracts. Additionally, this is their first comeback since November.

Many MBLAQ fans are curious to know how they will sound without the popular Joon and Thunder amongst them. From the look and sound of the teaser it seems like MBLAQ will definitely not disappoint. Through "Mirror" the three remaining members are ready to show off their improved, intense vocals and their development as artists over the past months.

Their mini-album is scheduled for release on June 9. Until then, check out the teaser below:

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