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K-Pop Mixtape: Best Songs For Lifting Weights

By Rachelle D. | August 09, 2015 03:47 PM EDT


K-pop isn't just good for dancing your way around a cardio workout, it can also be super motivating for a heavy lifting day at the gym. Here are a few of the best K-pop songs to accompany your workout of pounding iron:

'I Like That,' GLAM

Good head-pounding beat throughout the song that makes this a good one to pound out several quick repetitions - the best kind of exercise for some toning. Plus, it's always motivating to say "I like that" when you're lifting.

'My Last,' Jay Park

If you listen to only one artist on this list while lifting, it should probably be Jay Park. His songs could be played on a loop and all you have to do is lift more and more. This one happens to be the latest and greatest from the artist, but you'll feel like a beast lifting to any of his songs.

'Warrior,' B.A.P

The name says it all. This song will make you want to tear stuff up, punch a wall, and, of course, lift lots of weights.

'K-POP Till the World Ends,' DJ Masa

DJ Masa is always a good bet for workout, but this mix especially builds in intensity throughout and has a more powerful undertone that's optimal for feeling like a Greek god while pumping iron. This is also a good one if you want to introduce some of your lifting buddies to a bunch of K-pop all at once.

'Jeon Won Diary,' T-ARA

Caution: this song might actually get you lifting too much too fast - it's that much of a pumper umper. There's enough variety of melody in this song to keep you from getting bored, but also enough of a steady beat throughout to keep you moving at top speed.

'Sunshine,' Rainbow

You can't beat the combination solid beat and good vibes in this song. It's the ultimate smiley "I GOT THIS!" workout song.

Any more suggestions for the next time you hit the weight room? Let us know in the comments!

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