K-Pop New Releases August 30 - September 5

Check out the fresh new K-pop releases out this week:

August 30
 Peterpann Complex- “Moist”

 August 31
 FTISLAND- “Puppy”

Verbal Jint & Sanchez of Phantom- “Favorite!” from “Yeoja” mini album

Parang Jamong- “Love Is Always Run Away” feat. Rumble Fish

Sweet Sorrow- “Let’s Make Love”

 September 1
 Giriboy- “WuGyeol” feat. Fromm from “Lonely 4songs” mini album

DinDin- “Pour”

Park Jin Young & Lee Jin Ah- “Road To The Airport”

Kuma- “Koomshakaraka”

 September 2
 Playback- “I Wonder” feat. Eric Nam

Kisum & Homme- “3 Sec”

Choi Ye Geun- “Super Moon” feat. Il Do of 2000won

Tarin of Vanilla Acoustic & Junmo of Project Shoes - “Luck Reversal”

Mio- “Red Lie”

 September 3
 Ladies’ Code So Jung, Kim Bum Soo, IVY, Rumble Fish, Sun Woo, Han Heejun- “I’m Fine Thank You”

JuB of Sunny Hill X Gummy- “No Reply”

GI- “DoliGo DoliGo”

Purfles- “A Bad Thing”

Unicorn-“Huk” from debut mini album “UNICORN ‘Once Upon A Time’”

Jjarimongttang- “I Wonder About You”

Jo Sumi & YB- “We Are One”

 September 4
 Bigstar- “Moonlight Sonata”

Miwoo- “Broken Doll”

6 to 8- “She’s Like The Wind”

 September 5
Tablo X Joey Badass X Code Kunst- “Hood”

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