MBLAQ's Mir Expresses Concern Over Losing His Hair

MBLAQ's Mir revealed that he is concerned about male pattern baldness.

On the KBS 2TV talk show "Hello" aired on November 30, Noeul's Kang Kyun Seong and Lee Sang Gon, FTISLAND lead singer Lee Hongki, and MBLAQ member Mir (Bang Cheol Yong) appeared as guests.

"Do you have a concern?" asked the hosts of the show, to which Mir said, "I have a bad case of male pattern baldness," and the audience let out a worried sigh.

"I get worried every time I look in the mirror," he said.

Then Kang Kyun Seong chimed in, "There's a medicine I'm taking everyday. I don't bald anymore. If you take it, you can even grow out more hair than you have right now."

Lee Hongki added, "You can definitely stop the balding with that medicine."



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