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Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan To Headline 'Ugly Alert', A Daily Drama About Family

By Joan MacDonald | April 30, 2013 12:01 AM EDT


What exactly is family? A new drama explains that the people who help and support you can become your family and they may do a better job than the people who raised you. When your real family's choices make your life difficult, sometimes friends can give you a new chance. And sometimes giving someone else a chance can change your life for the better.

That's the story of the upcoming drama, "Ugly Alert." The hero is Gong Joon Su, a man who has had a rough life and early on had to fend for himself. He takes the blame for a murder his younger sibling commits and serves time in prison. There he learns to sew and acquires a trade.

With his newly acquired skills Gong Joon Su, played by Im Joo Hwan, goes to work for Na Do Hee at a fashion company. Na Do Hee, played by Kang So Ra, has inherited her job because her grandfather built the company. But even though she inherited her position, she is serious about doing a good job and is something of a workaholic.

Gong Joon Su is Im's first role since finishing his military service in February. Before serving in the military, Im played Park Kyu in the drama, "Tamra, the Island" and appeared as Han Baek in the film, "A Frozen Flower."

Kang Sora has appeared in the movies "Sunny 2010," "Paparoti" and the drama "Dream High 2."

Also appearing in the drama is actor and singer Kim Hyun Woo. He plays Kang Cheol Soo, a friend of Gong Joon Su's sister, Gong Jin Joo, played by Choi Yoon Young.

Hyun Woo, a member of the pop group 24/7, made his acting debut in the film "A Frozen Flower" and was later seen in several dramas, including  "Pasta," "Dream" and "Deep-Rooted Tree."

Last year, Choi appeared in the drama "My Daughter Seo Young" as Choi Ho Jung.

Sin Yoon Sub, best known for his work directing the series "Rooftop Prince," will direct. Jung Ji Woo has written the script.

The production company's representative, Kim Hyun Jung, described the drama as the story of a man deemed worthless who still manages the change the lives of the people around him.

"The story delivers on the meaning of family even though they are not blood related," said Kim. "It's a touching, moving story that will nevertheless contain plenty of drama, including revenge and affairs."

"Ugly Alert" will be a daily drama series and will air in May.

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