Basterd Break New Ground In Korean Rap Scene With 'Intro'

The Korean hip-hop scene has turned attention to a pair of rookie rappers.

Rap duo Basterd, comprised of members Voss and XID, released their first self-written, composed and produced EP on Dec. 10.

"Zawoozi" starts Intro with an eerie atmosphere unlike what we've ever heard before. The strength in the track comes from the multitude of new sounds that mesh together to form an unbelievable piece that works on many levels.

The lead single "All" introduces mind-boggling rap skills from the boys. The incorrect pronunciation of key English words sometimes take you away from the song, but after the first listen its not much of a problem. The contrast of Voss and XID's voice is unique and at times resembles G-Dragon and T.O.P (by no means a bad thing).

Any interest in rap has always ended in a scrounged up face due to the heavy use of sirens, but in "Kill Me" they're cut off and save the ears from possible musical disaster. The track does a great homage to Snoop Dogg (or is it Lion now?) and Wiz Khalifa's song "Young, Wild and Free".

"Get Out My Way" is the weak link in the outrageously cool sound we've been presented, but the rap is still on point so no complaints here! If the title of the song is a premonition for the future then move aside because these boys are ready to take on the industry.

The remastered version of "About Me" isn't much different from the original (maybe cleaner... arrangement-wise). Though the final track leaves you wanting more, rest assured that Basterd is sure to make a comeback soon!

Looking forward to how the duo will evolve in the years to come! They are talented and show a knack for music beyond their years.

Check out Basterd's new track "All" below!

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