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Former Wonder Boyz Singer K Discusses His New Solo Career As Owol [EXCLUSIVE]

By Tony Sokol | December 17, 2015 04:31 PM EST


Wonder Boyz, once lauded as the male version of Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls, disbanded in January this year amid unfounded rumors of acrimony. Fortunately for fans, Wonder Boyz lead singer, K, recently found a new home at the record label Chitwn Music where he made his solo debut under the name Owol on Dec. 9 with the singles "Dream On You" and "Good Morning." Owol says the two tracks with very different musical vibes that showcase his wide range as a performer. While Chitwn Music presumably hopes for the artist formerly known as K to join Zion. T and Crush as a part of K-pop's R&B elite. Earlier this week, Owol took some time out of this busy month to discuss this new phase of his career, his former band and what's in a name, in a KpopStarz exclusive interview.

KpopStarz: Do you miss the comradery of working with the Wonder Boyz, or is it more fun to have more control over the music?

Owol: The Wonder Boyz disbanded because of a few bad things, but I am still in contact with all of the members. I sometimes miss going on stage with the rest of the band when I perform on stage by myself. I do miss being a part of Wonder Boyz sometimes. I feel like it was a great learning experience for me as an artist.

KpopStarz: What will be the biggest differences between your solo work and the music of The Wonder Boyz?

Owol: Since all of my songs are now fully produced by me, the songs will show more of my [style] and personality. As far as the genre of my music, I think I still have a lot to learn before I solidify a specific genre.

KpopStarz: You changed your name as an artist. What is the biggest difference between K and Owol?

Owol: I feel like I have more confidence in my performances because these are all songs that I had produced.

KpopStarz: Which song concepts do you think best matches the styles you want to pursue?

Owol: I think that I am more attracted to lyrics and concepts that include showing the stages of getting into a relationship. My songs are about the confusing stage between the time you meet someone and the time to decide to date each other.

KpopStarz: Are there any concepts you want to explore in the future?

Owol: There are a lot of concepts that I want to try. But to name one, I would like to do a deeper song about love. I would also like to combine [one of my songs] with a dance performance.

KpopStarz: Is there anything you want to try out in the coming year?

Owol: I would like to try to collaborate with other Korean artists in the coming year.

KpopStarz: Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

Owol: If Michael Jackson was still alive, I would love to collaborate with him, but realistically I would like to do a collaboration with Zion.T.

KpopStarz: How would you describe your new music style?

Owol: I try to write a lot about my experiences. I try to write about situations that people can relate to on a large scale.

KpopStarz: Do you prefer live performance or studio singing?

Owol: I definitely like live performances much better.

KpopStarz: Do you get inspiration from other artists?

Owol: I definitely do, but not from any single artist. I try to pick and choose the best points from many different artists.

KpopStarz: Now that you are a studio veteran, how is it different from you first recording sessions?

Owol: My first time in the studio I was very nervous so I wasn't able to sing well, but now I feel more comfortable in the studio, so I can get a better studio performance.

KpopStarz: How do you feel about how K-pop boom is growing internationally? How do you see the world music community viewing K-pop?

Owol: It is such a great thing that K-pop is growing internationally and I feel a sense of pride to be even a small part of that. I think that K-pop has a unique color and attracts the attention of the world music community, which is why K-pop has seen so much growth.

KpopStarz: What would you like your image to be?

Owol: I would like to be known as a hardworking and down-to-earth artist.

Watch the music video for Owol's new single "Dream On You" RIGHT HERE

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