BoA Re-Releases 'Meri Kuri' With New Music Video Just In Time For The Holidays

Asia's Queen of Pop has graced her most devout fans with a re-release of her biggest single in Japan.

After a 15-year career, 17 studio albums, and 76 singles, "Meri Kuri" still manages to capture the holiday feeling with its sweet message of love on a cold winter night.

Comparing both releases shows just how much a young girl from Korea has matured into an impressive adult. Throughout the years she has remained true to her image and voice. A voice has always been sweet, but powerful. It's hard to believe that barely out of her teens she had already achieved so much.

"Meri Kuri" is a song about two people finally noticing the love they have for one another, but being too afraid to share their feelings. It is a great representation of young love: CDs are shared, tea dates are planned, and it even ends with a kiss in the snow!

Right off the bat you can noticeably hear the development in BoA's voice. It sounds gentler and dare I say it, wise. The song's meaning doesn't change at all, but because of the growth in BoA's voice, the song has a different effect. Even if time passes, love is the same. It almost feels as if she's reminiscing.

In the original video, BoA is seen walking down the pews of a church as several flashbacks are played, whereas in the re-release she walks toward the stage at a grand opera hall and is later joined by a piano and string ensemble.

"Meri Kuri" will always be a dear song to BoA's fans, able to withstand the test of time!

Check out both videos below!

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