Becky G And Austin Mahone Back Together For A Song, 'Dirty Work' Singer Leaks Pre-Debut Album!

Austin Mahone surprised a lot of his fans as well as followers of ex-girlfriend Becky G as he dropped new music along with one with the "Break A Sweat" singer.

According to a report on E! Online, the new music was not the much-anticipated debut album from the "Dirty Work" singer. Instead, it was a pre-debut treat for his fans featuring the likes of T-Pain, Chris Brown and more.

"I've been working so hard on my new album, and I've taken a lot of time figuring out my new sound and making my debut perfect," the "Dirty Work" singer said in a statement as cited by the source above. "'This Is Not the Album' is for my Mahomies, who have continued to be so supportive throughout the entire process."

While the new music had a lot of offering, what caught many people's attention was Austin Mahone's song "Rollin'" with ex-girlfriend, Becky G. As reported by Perez Hilton, the song was a "smooth R&B." The song seemingly was talking about a ride together with one line even saying "I want you with me."

Sadly though, the "Dirty Work" singer and the "Break A Sweat singer called it quits in August. It was not clear if the song was recorded before or after their breakup. But in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mahone did admit that he was going to do a song with the "Break A Sweat" singer despite their split.

"I think she'll definitely be featured on the album," the "Dirty Work" singer spilled back then. "Like I said, we're still close and I've produced and written some songs that we've done."

Becky G and Austin Mahone broke up just months after admitting that they were dating. They both said that the reason behind the split was their busy careers. Their fans though continue to hope for the pair to rekindle the romance since they remain friendly with each other and have been seen hanging out after they broke up.

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