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Jimmy Fallon News: Host’s Finger Injury Not Getting Better Because Of Mishap From 2009?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | December 19, 2015 08:42 PM EST


Jimmy Fallon's finger has yet to get back its feeling even after months since it got hurt. According to the latest news on his injury, the "Tonight Show" host has a syndrome that's preventing him from fully recovering from the ordeal.

In a report on CNN Money more than a week ago, the "Tonight Show" host recently was diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. The said condition was apparently what has been keeping the former "SNL" cast member from getting the feeling back on his injured finger.

According to the report, the cause of the said condition was a scripted fall during the 2009 Emmys.

"Because that happened it kind of hindered the nerves coming back," Jimmy Fallon explained of his injury news during the "Tonight Show" last Dec. 7. "This is what happens when you're 41 years old."

Nevertheless, the "Tonight Show" host was firm to get back on track when it came to his injury. He also hoped to get back to playing guitar soon as cited by KCCI.

"I'm going to be back, don't count me out," he insisted more than a week ago while sporting a new bandage for a scheduled surgery to correct the condition. "I'll be playing guitar in a year."

The "Tonight Show" host though might already have a backup plan if he won't be able to play the guitar soon as Bill Carter suggested a new instrument for him during an interview two months ago.

"I'm going to play guitar again but it won't be some of the advanced chords," Fallon quipped back then.

"I suggest you switch to ukulele," Bill Carter suggested, on the other hand.

Jimmy Fallon's injury news first surfaced back in June. As reported by The Wrap after he got hospitalized, the "Tonight Show" host almost ripped off his finger after tripping on a rug at his home. But the former "SNL" cast member was on a roll with injuries following the incident. In October, he also injured his good hand while at Harvard as told by Variety. He got hurt from a bottle of a liquor after a bad fall at an event.

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