K-Pop Fans In Singapore Get Double The Fun With SISTAR And Monsta X Joint Fan Meeting

As part of the three-day Korean event SGKStar 2015, a joint fan meeting for Starship Entertainment's artists SISTAR and Monsta X was held in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on Dec. 6.

It was a double treat for fans, as they could see both groups perform at the combined fan meeting. After having only debuted in May, rookie group Monsta X joined their more seasoned label mates SISTAR on stage to greet a huge crowd of excited Singaporean fans.

SISTAR kicked off the joint fan meeting with their latest summer hit "Shake It." Bora, Dasom and Hyolyn looked gorgeous in their figure-hugging outfits; it's a pity that Soyou was not present at the fan meeting.

Dasom told the audience, "Thank you for your warm welcome!" Hyolyn exclaimed, "We will perform more that we couldn't show you previously, let's have fun together!"

SISTAR's second song was "Don't Be Such A Baby," a slower tempo song where all three members sang parts. Dasom has a sweet voice, but she does not get many singing lines in SISTAR's songs. It was a pleasure to be able to hear her sing live.

SISTAR quickly followed up with the energetic song "I Swear," showing off their sexy moves once again.

This was the second time SISTAR visited Singapore this year, having previously visited in July, for Skechers' event. The group are product ambassadors for the sneaker brand. When asked "What is Skechers?" Hyolyn immediately responded "Skechers is fashion" while Bora added "Skechers is SISTAR!"

Then it was time for Monsta X to hit the stage. When the group appeared with their first song "Trespass," the crowd went hysterical. They continued to impress with "Perfect Girl," a song from their second mini album.

SISTAR returned to the stage with more songs - "Lead Me" and "Loving U." Hyolyn's amazingly emotive voice gave the crowd goosebumps with the ballad "Crying."

Following the songs, SISTAR played a game which tested their telepathy with three lucky fans. Each member was paired with a fan, then they were supposed to choose the same item.

The first question was "Square or Circle?" and they drew whatever they have chosen on their small whiteboards. When it came to the question "Hamburger or pizza?" Hyorin and Bora sighed over the dilemma of which to choose. The fan paired with Bora was dressed cutely in a Pikachu onesie and became stressed as they were the only team who had not scored points. The MC helped to calm her down and fans cheered the "cute Pikachu" on. Team Dasom eventually won and the fan paired with Dasom won a selfie opportunity with SISTAR.

After the games session, SISTAR turned on the heat with "Ma Boy." Their sexy dance moves drew deafening screams from excited fans. SISTAR wrapped up their setlist, with the eighth song "Touch My Body."

Monsta X came on once again, with the song "Rush." As the Monsta X members moved off the stage to be closer to fans, numerous people rushed towards the stage. They had to pause and asked fans to return to their seats as they were concerned about their safety.

While Monsta X were performing "Rush," they spotted two fans, who danced in sync to their song. Monsta X members were impressed, so they sang and asked the two fans to dance along. It was such an impromptu but interactive segment!

Monsta X ushered a lucky fan onstage and serenaded her with their ballad song "Honestly" and each member presented her with a rose. All the other fans screamed whenever a member moved close to the lucky fan.

In the games segment, Monsta X had a staring battle with fans that was called "Intimate game, but no touching." A member and a fan were paired up and had to stare intently into each other's eyes. The timer would stop when either the fan or singer blinked.

Hyungwon was the first to play the game, his gaze was so intense that the fan could only last nine seconds before blinking. Wonho lasted slightly longer, with 13 seconds, before he blinked. Shownu and the fan stared at each other for a good 26 seconds. MC asked "Did he close his eyes?" A fan exclaimed "His eyes are small!" Kihyun and the fan lasted only five seconds while Minhyuk pulled his fan partner towards him, eliciting jealous gasps and screams from the audience. Their staring lasted 25 seconds. Hence the winner was Shownu and the fan won the chance to take a solo picture with Monsta X.

After the games, charismatic leader Shownu led their last song "Hero," another fierce dance track to bring the fan meeting to a rousing close.

The fan meeting ended with a high touch and group photo session where all the fans got to enjoy a moment of personal interaction with SISTAR and Monsta X.

Watch SISTAR's performances below:

Special thanks to Three Angles Group for inviting KpopStarz.com to cover MONSTA X & SISTAR Fan Meeting In Singapore 2015.

Writer: Ashley Ngo | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Video Credits: Ashley Ngo

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