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EXO's Chanyeol Talks Christmas, BTS, And More On Park Myung Soo's Radio Show

By Tara Edwards | December 25, 2015 10:56 PM EST


Within large k-pop groups, some might fear that they won't have the ability to stand out. After all, if you have more than seven members who can all dance and sing well, it's easy to fade into the group.

Luckily for Chanyeol, he just so happens to have taken the reputation of "class clown" among his fellow EXO members.

Chanyeol appeared to be once again full of jokes in his recent appearance on Park Myung Soo's radio show. Chanyeol shared his thoughts and jokes on several subjects including his admiration for BTS, how he's spent his Christmas when he was younger, and what he thinks of his good looks.

Chanyeol was all jokes when Park Myung Soo asked him what it was like to be "good looking."

"Honestly speaking I like it," said Chanyeol.

Park then asked him what he likes about it, and Chanyeol hilariously explained that being good looking puts him in a good mood.

"Whenever I see myself in the mirror, my mood goes up," explained Chanyeol.

Chanyeol had a more serious and heartfelt mood when Park brought up BTS and Block B's Zico and how he always wished them well.

"Zico is also really good. Personally, when I see BTS I think they work really hard. When I see them on stage, I think that they show all of their talent. When we [EXO] see that kind of stage, we become full of energy," said Chanyeol.

Due to the holidays being less than a few hours away, Park then asked Chanyeol about some of his Christmas memories. Chanyeol talked about a memory he had of eating cake with D.O. Park mentioned that usually parties involve drinking alcohol, and Chanyeol joked back that perhaps they were still a bit adolescent.

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