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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Grace Anderson Connects With Her Korean Roots Thanks To BTOB And Ailee

By Staff Writer | December 28, 2015 09:10 AM EST


NAME: Grace Anderson

AGE: 16

HOME: Millstone, New Jersey

CURRENTLY: Attending High School

INTRO TO K-POP: "Ah, it all starts with the fact that my brother and I are adopted from Seoul, South Korea. We're not biological siblings though. Somehow he got into K-pop, and then he got me into K-pop. I remember having K-pop songs on my iPod and I would listen to some once in awhile. I remember listening to the Wonder Girls, 2NE1, SHINee, and Girls' Generation. My first favorite K-pop song was "Lucifer" by SHINee.

My brother, my mom and I saw 2NE1 in concert in August 2012. I distinctively remember the microphone stand during one song was a beauitful tree with the members standing on the sides in dresses and it was a mystical sight. On Friday, November 9, 2012, we saw Big Bang. I remember them thanking us for coming out because Hurricane Sandy just struck the Jersey Shore. They rode on segways and had nice outfits on, and Daesung did his solo, ya know? After that I got into the madness called K-pop. It was one of the best and worst decisions I have every made- seriously and non-seriously at all. Well, those are my earliest K-pop memories." 

THE DIFFERENCE: "I would say K-pop is different to any other pop music from anywhere else in the world due to, obviously, the language. It's a language no one [in the United States] learns in school and can be easily judged because it's something out of the norm. Asians have certain stereotypes, but I guess to add to all of them [is the idea that] their music is weird due to language barriers, especially coming from a country that no one pays attention to much.

Secondly, the fact that idols have specific dances to each song. I am aware of artists and bands from different countries having routines to their music but nothing to this extent of intensity.

Third, K-pop showcases so many concepts that can be so bright to in between to dark ones that can be somewhat different from other music. Their costumes and music videos can be more intricate.

Lastly, K-pop doesn't get showcased much in other countries, but slowly yet surely it's spreading like wildfire through mini festivals and conventions as well as some concerts.

All of my friends know I love K-pop and I got some into K-pop as well. So I would probably describe K-pop as my culture and background. Since I'm adopted from Seoul, I would say that K-pop helps me bring some of my rich culture and history to my life to give it some flare. I would describe K-pop as fun and crazy as any other type of music they've heard of. There's no definite answer to how to describe K-pop because it's so hard to describe the goodness of it all!"


WHY BTOB: "BTOB would be my favorite group because of their amazing music; they're all talented in their own special ways not only strictly rapping or singing. They're dorky and hilarious, are passionate about what they do, they love their Melody fans so so much, and they're really underrated. They make me so so happy and laugh so much when watching their videos."

FAVORITE SONG: "You're So Fly"


WHY AILEE: "Ailee is queen. She has amazing vocals and was raised in New Jersey, and that's where I live. She is also so pretty and kind and has a sweet smile/eye smile. "


KEEPING AN EYE ON: "Monsta X. I've been a fan of theirs since "No.Mercy" and their pre-debut days. I'm like a proud mom, even though they're all older than me and the maknae [youngest member] was born in 1996. Their music is freaking amazing and their dances are rad, and their music videos are awesome. You should just check 'em out! They're the only band I've been with since their pre-debut."

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