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Big Bang's T.O.P Asks Fans To Stop Calling Him 30 On Instagram [PHOTOS]

By Tara Edwards | January 11, 2016 09:57 AM EST


2016 marks a new calendar year, and maybe a few new birthdays for K-pop idols born in January. But if you haven't celebrated your birthday for the year, you can still count your age from 2015.

Or at least, technically you can.

In fact, Big Bang's T.O.P is perfectly content with his technical age in the face of many fans who are already reminding him that his Korean age is now 30. The rapper took to Instagram to remind fans that since he was born in 1987, he's still legally 28. Fans can check out photos below. 

According to Drama Fever, Korean age ultimately stems from the tradition of believing that newborn babies are already a year old when they are born. After that, everyone in Korea is said to celebrate their birthday every year on Jan. 1.

As such, a simple and quick way of finding your Korean age would be to add one year to your current age. Then, as of January 1st, everyone would have added an additional year to their birthday.

In the case of Big Bang's T.O.P, the rapper celebrated his 28th birthday on November 4, 2015. Since he was born in 1987, in 2015, his Korean age at the time was already 29. Given that Korean age was already considered 29, January 1, 2016 would make his Korean age 30.

Ultimately, Korean age can be confusing, but it seems that T.O.P is not interested in going by his Korean age if it means being 30 before he's ready to be. At least until he deleted the Instagram posts that were screen captured by fans and posted on Koreaboo

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