Brave Girls Take On New Members For Comeback

Brave Girls are ready to make their comeback soon after three years of preparation and changes.

Coming back as a group of seven, Minyoung, Eunji, Youjung, Hayoon and Yuna are the new addition of the Brave Girls replacing former members Seo Ah, Yejin and Eunyoung.

In a report done by the allkpop, Brave Entertainment stated "the new members went through extensive and rigorous training and boast in incredible skill and looks." Along with the original members, the four new members trained until "they were completely ready to stand on stage."

While currently in the final stages preparing for their comeback, producer Brave Brothers amped up the hype for Brave Girls and their new material.

"Brave Girls will return with a completely new look and will have more opportunities to interact with fans. Please look forward to great things to come from Brave Girls," Brave Brothers said.

Brave Girls previously took the stage in 2013 with their single "For You" before they took a three year hiatus with member changes.

Brave Girls
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