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Valentine's Day K-Pop Songs For All Relationship Stages

By Samantha Marie Lifson | February 14, 2016 12:59 PM EST


On Valentine's Day we often put a lot of emphasis on those in love or those not in love, but what about all the stages in between? Don't worry, though, because we at KpopStarz have put together the perfect playlist for people who are single, to crushing, to broken up and everything in between! Check out some of our favorite tracks for this Valentine's Day below.

Single and Ready to Mingle

Super Junior's "Sexy Free and Single"

It's "time for romance" with this peppy, self-confident jam! If you're single and feeling it, put on what makes you feel sexiest and let the men of Super Junior show you how to have a good time. "Sexy Free and Single" is the perfect party anthem for those looking to have themselves some fun.

Single and Sad

WINNER's "Baby Baby"

If you're on your own this weekend and not feeling too good about it, that's okay too. Sometimes you need to sit down with a good cry and really feel some emotions. This Valentine's Day, croon along with WINNER as they proclaim "I hate being alone," looking for their love.


Infinite's "Man in Love"

Longing after someone? Infinite knows exactly how you feel. Let them share their take on "When a Man is in Love" with you. Filled with happy dances and blushing, Infinite definitely embody what we feel like when we have a crush. Who knows, maybe you'll even pick up some sweet ways to ask your crush on a date after watching their music video.

Pursuing your Crush

GD&TOP's "Don't Go Home"

After pulling some sweet moves it seems like your crush is in your sights-and maybe even crushing on you! If you've played your cards right neither of you will want to go home, so follow GD and TOP's lead and don't. If your crush needs a little more convincing too, G-Dragon and TOP have all the right moves to help you convince your love to stay around a little longer.

That Awkward In Between Phase

Soyou x JunggiGo's "Some"

Not all relationships are as clear cut as they could be. Sometimes you get caught in a "some" situation, meaning that you and your crush are something more than friends but not entirely lovers yet. Think you're stuck in this position? Let Soyou and JunggiGo guide you through it with their soft pop hit.

Happily in Love

EXO's "Love Me Right"

EXO provides the perfect, upbeat track to share between you and your loved one. Grab your love's hand and dance your way through this Valentine's Day with the nine boys of EXO singing behind you.

Break Up

Zion. T's "Eat"

Let Zion.T coax you through your recent breakup. He'll make sure to remind you to eat and sleep, and do his best to take care of you as best he can. Plus his soulful sounds help empathize with your feelings too. With this track, Zion. T can confess your love for you.

Angry Break Up

4Minute's "Hate"

If your breakup is less sad and more angry then the girls of 4Minute have got your back. Tell your ex that you're tired of them, while 4Minute expresses their "hate." Not only is the song the perfect amount of angry energy, but that drop will have you feeling animated and sexy too.

Driven to the point of insanity because your love for someone runs so deep but no one else can understand your feelings for them or what your relationship is

VIXX's "Voodoo"

Sometimes you can't put labels on love. In these cases, VIXX is probably the best group to explain that weird, almost desperate middle ground. Whether they're chained up or on their knees, VIXX is ready to (get hurt and) sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Maybe they go a little too hard but what's a little craziness in the name of love, right?


Happy Valentine's Day!

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