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Seventeen Join Recent Rush Of K-Pop Groups Naming Official Fan Clubs

By Samantha Marie Lifson | February 16, 2016 01:54 PM EST


Seventeen fans officially have a new name- congratulations, "Carats!"

On February 14, Seventeen made the announcement at their Valentine's day special concert "LIKE SEVENTEEN - Boys Wish."

According to Korean news outlet My Daily, member Hoshi and leader S.Coups revealed the news to a crowd of 7,000 fans. "[You] made us shine so brightly. From now on you are our Carat," S.Coups announced to the excited crowd.

Fans were given the opportunity to choose Seventeen's fandom name, eventually settling on Carat among other options like "Tinker Bell" and "Same."

With Seventeen's debut EP titled 17 Carat and how frequently the group references diamonds, we're excited to see how brightly Carats shine along with their group.

The boy band aren't the only ones who have announced fan club names in recent weeks. 

April revealed "Fineapple" as their official fan club title through their online fan cafe. "Fineapple" comes as a contraction of "fine," another word for "good," and "apple" as a shortened way of saying "April."

Meanwhile, f(x) fans were excited to be receiving their official title, years after the group's debut in 2009. Like Seventeen, the ladies of f(x) announced their fan club at their recent concert "Dimension 4 - Docking Station." Their fan club name, MeU, serves as a contraction of me and you as well as the mathematical term "mu" (µ), a reference to the group's name.

Yesterday, another K-pop act, Cross Gene also announced their official fan club name through Twitter as "Destiny," but a statement released through the group's fan cafe hours later retracted the name. According to the post, the name "Destiny" was deemed by fans too similar to "BESTiny," the fan club for K-pop girl group BESTie.

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