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Who Is The Target Audience For K-Pop's Mega Idol Groups?

By Nikole Smith | February 23, 2016 12:31 PM EST


How big is too big?

These days, many are finding that K-pop groups seem to have an ever increasing number of members. Groups like Topp Dogg, Seventeen, and UP10TION boast teams of over 10 members and are seeing steady growth in their popularity.

With this upcoming trend comes the new trending buzz word “mega.” “Mega” is becoming more frequently when referring to large idols group hailing from powerful labels. A key point for this new trend of “mega” groups is that the members have potential to be interchangeable throughout the group’s time; this means members could be added and switched at almost any time. These groups likely will be split into sub-unit for simultaneously promotion is different countries. But who exactly are these larger groups trying to appeal to?

The subunits of these groups are expanding their reach further into both China and Japan. However, rumor has it that these units will aim for more Southeast Asian countries and potentially South America. Critics within the industry expressed their reservations about the larger groups stating they are more costly and difficult to manage but acknowledged that they have potential to bring in a larger fan base.

A few recent examples of this include Starship Entertainment’s latest rookie girl group, Cosmic Girls.
Cosmic Girls is a South Korean-Chinese group consisting of 12 ladies, who intend to promote in both countries. The group is broken down into four sub-units each with unique charms but not much known as to how this will affect their promotion cycles.

Leading label, SM Entertainment, also announced their plans to debut their own style of “mega” group, Neo Culture Technology. NCT is expected to have at least 40 members set to promote in multiple countries through various subunits. Teasers have already been released for NCT through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube and V App channels.

Along with the set groups to debut, shows like Produce 101 and Boys 24 are becoming hot issues in creating “mega” groups as well. Produce 101 is a survival show consisting of 101 female trainees from various labels battling it out to become the nation’s representative girl group. The ladies must endure various challenges and earn votes from the viewers to escape elimination.

Following Produce 101, CJ E&M will begin the male version currently titled Boys 24 with trainees hailing from super labels JYP, YG, SM among many others. Boys 24 is costing CJ E&M a whopping $20 million USD to produce and maintain.

The larger groups are becoming a more constant trend recently, but will it pay off? Let us know your opinion.

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