K-Hip-Hop Given Prominence At The 13th Annual Korean Music Awards

In an industry where mainstream pop is usually in the forefront, Monday's Korean Music Awards noted a shift in what sort of artists are really leading the pack.

On Feb. 29, K-hip-hop was in the spotlight at the 13th annual Korean Music Awards at the Guro Arts Valley Theater in Seoul.

The South Korean equivalent of the Grammys or the Brits, the KMAs celebrate all genres in the Korean music industry. From jazz to pop, ballads to hip-hop, the night brought together many of the country's brightest talents.

Unlike other music awards shows that consist of fan voting systems, KMA winners are chosen by a panel of music critics, producers, and music reporters, according the Korea Herald.

However, despite the wide variety of music being celebrated, hip-hop dominated the winning list.

Former Supreme Team member rapper E Sens took home the award for Album of the Year with The Anecdote, Deepflow with the award for Artist of the Year, and Big Bang with Song of the Year for their hit "Bae Bae." E Sens and Deepflow also respectively won Best Album and Best Song awards in the Hip-Hop category.

Check out the list of winners below compiled by Reddit:

Album of the Year: E-SENS - The Anecdote

Song of the Year: BIGBANG - "Bae Bae"

Artist of the Year: Deepflow

Rookie of the Year: Hyukoh

Best Heaviness Album: Method - Abstract

Best Rock Album: The Monotones - Into The Night

Best Rock Song: Lowdown 30 - "Hotter (더뜨겁게)" (feat. Kim Oki)

Best Modern Rock Album: The KOXX - The New Normal

Best Modern Rock Song: Hyukoh - "와리가리 (Comes And Goes)"

Best Folk Album: Kim Sawol - 수잔 (Suzanne)

Best Folk Song: Kwon Tree - "이천십사년사월"

Best Pop Album: Ravie Nuage - 청춘

Best Pop Song: BIGBANG - "Loser"

Best Dance & Electronic Album: Trampauline - Marginal

Best Dance & Electronic Song: Flash Flood Darlings - "별 (Byeol)"

Best Rap & Hip Hop Album: E SENS - The Anecdote

Best Rap & Hip Hop Song: Deepflow - "작두" (feat. Nucksal, Huckleberry P)

Best R&B & Soul Album: Samuel Seo - Frameworks

Best R&B & Soul Song: Dean - "풀어 (Pour Up)" (feat. Zico)

Best Jazz Album: BuYoung Lee - Little Star

Best Crossover Album: The NEQ - Passing of Illusion

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Eungmin Cho - Oriental Fairy Tale

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