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e-sens twitter update about splitting

K-Hip-Hop Given Prominence At The 13th Annual Korean Music Awards

Headlines 03.02.16 | 12:46PM EST

In particular, rappers ESens and Deepflow were each honored with two trophies.

The cover of HEO's 2014 album

Korean Rock Recall: The Intricate Details Come Together To Create Something Special On HEO's 2014 Track 'Luna' From The 'Structure' Album [VIDEO]

Reviews 06.18.15 | 06:12PM EDT

On their 2014 song "Luna," electronic rock band HEO shows how unusual uses of noise and rhythm can make all the difference.

Best Dance Award: EXO’s “Growl” Beats G-Dragon and f(x)

Best Dance Award: EXO’s “Growl” Beats G-Dragon and f(x)

Headlines 03.01.14 | 03:49AM EST

EXO was awarded the prize for Best Dance in the Korean Music Awards.

G-Dragon-EXO-Lee Hi Selected As Musician Of The Year

G-Dragon-EXO-Lee Hi Selected As Musicians Of The Year

Headlines 03.01.14 | 03:44AM EST

Internet users selected Big Bang’s G-Dragon, EXO, and Lee Hi as Musician of the Year.

EXO at the '23rd Seoul Music Awards'.

EXO Receives Three Nominations for the 'Korean Music Awards'

Headlines 02.05.14 | 03:01AM EST

Will EXO continue their winning streak at the 'Korean Music Awards'?

Korea's '10th Korean Music Awards' Winners Revealed!

'10th Korean Music Awards' Winners Revealed!

Headlines 02.28.13 | 02:52PM EST

The 'Korean Music Awards' is a ceremony that started in 2004 and recognizes artists from the past year. The winners are determined by judges that include producers, critics and other professionals.

Korean Music Awards

2NE1 or IU or Jang Gi Ha? ‘The 9th Korean Music Awards

Headlines 02.28.12 | 09:28PM EST

The 9th Korean Music Awards will take place on February 29 at AX-KOREA in Seoul. It’s the last music awards ceremony out of 6 ceremonies which will conclude the music awards of 2011.


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