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Penn Badgley Rejects ‘White Bourgeois’ Past, Dedicates Time To Band MOTHXR

By Rick Vandermeer | February 28, 2016 03:40 PM EST


Penn Badgley has been keeping at his band MOTHXR long enough to have the skeptics fall away. And now, to prove even more that he is dedicated to his indie band, Penn Badgley has rejected his "white bourgeois" identity. But he probably knows that it takes more than a Twitter post to get it around.

He retweeted a message that his friend write on his Twitter. It read, "I think that's part of white bourgeois privilege. That you don't have to spend so much time thinking about your peoples' liberation."

Along with "white bourgeois privilege", Penn Badgley has also dispensed with his "Gossip Girl" past.

"'Gossip Girl' was a great opportunity, but it would be misleading to think that anyone on that show doesn't have anything more to offer," Penn said according to New York Post. "We're relying on the music to get us exposure, not whatever fumes I have left in the tank from the show. Let's be real, I was never that famous anyway!"

Everyone made fun of Penn Badgley when he left Hollywood to become an indie rocker, but it looks like people have gotten tired of laughing at him. While his outcome has not been rewarded greatly yet, his "Gossip Girl" fans are supportive of his dedication to his band Mother.

Penn Badgley Band Mother tour wrapped up a few months ago, meaning that "Gossip Girl" actor is ready to find some time for himself and new music.

And now, MOTHXR is touring internationally. According to the band website, they will be hitting up all the big spots in Europe this spring, which includes Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and more. Then they are circling back to North America, gearing up for the coming summer.

Seeing how Penn Badgley has been working steadily on his Indie band, he definitely deserves some time off. He did make all his "Gossip Girl" fans happy to see him in California.

They are also wondering if he reconnected with Blake Lively as he was on the west coast to rekindle the good parts of their relationship.

Penn Badgley quickly had to downgrade his lifestyle to fit into the indie band ways. According to Page Six, "Badgley arrived to Surf Lodge in Montauk on Saturday with his band MOTHXR... driving their tour van and using his own credit card for band incidentals. We're told the "Easy A" star also carried all his own equipment on- and offstage after the performance in front of guests."

Seeing how the ex "Gossip Girl" star has put in an inordinate amount of time and energy into his band, he must be ready to get some recognition!

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