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Best Music Videos Of February 2016

By Samantha Marie Lifson | March 05, 2016 02:39 PM EST


As we take the first steps into the month of March, let's take a look back on some of the best music videos from February!

Winner - "Baby Baby," "I'm Young"

WINNER's long awaited comeback certainly did not disappoint fans. Although all three videos were appealing for many different reasons and in many different ways, WINNER's "Baby Baby" and member Taehyun's solo "I'm Young" together make up one of the best stories we've seen in a music video. In the midst of outlining some of the downsides of fame WINNER succeeds in breaking our hearts in the most beautiful way possible.

Taemin - "Press Your Number"

Taemin's second release as a solo artist not only showcased his powerful vocals and captivating dance abilities but gave fans a Hollywood-esque cinematic marvel for an accompanying music video. "Press Your Number" unfolds like a psychological crime thriller, leaving viewers questioning what they have seen and wanting more.


Ladies' Code - "Galaxy"

The K-pop world welcomed Ladies' Code back with open and caring arms after the tragic accident that took members RiSe and Eun.B late 2014. Matching the smooth progression of their latest song, the video for "Galaxy" is filled with symbolism and subtle emphasis on the trio that the girl group has become. From triangular tables to a meal designed only for three Ladies' Code quietly welcomes audiences into their new group formation, but not without bidding a subtly respectful farewell to the other two.

Mad Clown x Brother Su - "Like Romance Comics"

For anyone who's a fan of Japanese or Korean romance web comics, Mad Clown and Brother Su's video might hit home for you. Viewers follow the video's protagonist as she tries to create her perfect media based love life, unsurprisingly based around what she's read in romance comics. Whether or not you can relate, the story the music video unfolds a cute story from start to finish that any comic fangirl or boy is likely to enjoy.


MAMAMOO - "You're the best"

"You're the Best" is everything we love about MAMAMOO and more. With overly dramatic acting and playful antics, the girls of MAMAMOO will be quick to steal your heart in this video. MAMAMOO aren't ones to take themselves too seriously which makes the video equal parts hilarious and irresistible to watch.


Did we list your favorite music video? Let us know in the comments!

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