'One Punch Man' Anime Season 2 Spoilers: King’s Identity To Be Revealed?

There have been many reports as well as spoilers about the "One Punch Man" anime season 2.

Spoilers reveal that the next plot for the "One Punch Man" anime season 2 will revolve around the Hero Hunter, Garou. Saitama and the rest of the Hero Association will have to face this new nemesis in the upcoming "One Punch Man" anime season 2.

In the "One Punch Man" manga, Garou is formerly the top disciple of Bang or Silver Fang. Garou was expelled from Bang's dojo after causing havoc. He has also been put in the Hero Association's wanted list of vicious monsters even though he is human.

Garou have been hunting down heroes from all classes and have been able to handle each encounter very well. He is also known as the Human Monster after wreaking havoc inside the Hero Association's HQ and Bang has volunteered to get rid of this monster.

King's real identity will also be revealed in the "One Punch Man" anime season 2. In the "One Punch Man" manga, King, a Class S Rank 7 hero, is also known as Earth's Strongest Man. However, this is entirely false as Saitama saw King running away from a robot and followed him inside his home.

The King's engine or the noise that people near him hear whenever he is faced with a monster is just the sound of his heart pounding very hard because of fear. Saitama also discovered that King loves video games and they would play together from time to time.

TheBitbag reported that speculations about the new villain, Amai Mask, to be introduced in "One Punch Man" anime season 2 are circling in the web.

It is very hard to believe that Amai Mask will give Saitama a good fight since no one has ever seen him show his strength even just a bit. All the fans know is his immense anger towards S-Class heroes because he blames them for the destruction of the city.

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