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Google Project Ara Update: Testing Phase Started In 2016: Will It Revolutionize The World Of Mobile Phones?

By Sunia Mukherjee | March 22, 2016 09:28 AM EDT


The flagship phone from google, Project Ara is in the making for a long time. The technology world is waiting for the unveiling of it soon.

This revolutionary phone was announced in 2014 in project Ara Developer's Conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The gadget has undergone many hiccups and now it is being pilot tested. Twitter had the last update in Sep. 2015. Cnet came up with a story of ''#ProjectAra's own Rafa Camargo named to @CNET's Top 20 Latinos in Tech.''

Project Ara blogged talked in details about the limited pilot which will start in 2016. ''Google planned to begin selling the device in a pilot test in Puerto Rico this year, in partnership with big Latin American cellular carriers OpenMobile and Claro, part of América Móvil.'' ''However, a Google spokeswoman said in August that Ara won't be going to Puerto Rico. On Twitter, the Project Ara team said it is considering a few locations in the U.S. for a test in 2016, appending a tweet with "#yeswearelate." is the latest update on the site.

Extreme tech does not have any new updates except the same information about the testing phase to start in 2016. ''If you don't remember, Project Ara lets users swap out parts of their smartphone, so that you don't need to upgrade the entire phone every year or so - just a specific "block," such as the camera. This lessens the burden of cost for users, who can just purchase these blocks to upgrade their device, rather than spending upwards of $500 for a new device with slightly updated hardware'' was the description on digital trends.

So when will this phone be finally launched? Tune in to Kpopstarz for the latest updates. 

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