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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 35 Review: Vegeta Fights Frost And Magetta

By MD | March 21, 2016 06:15 AM EDT


"Dragon Ball Super" episode 35 is entitled "Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta's All-Out Battle."

Attack of the Fanboy reported that the action-packed "Dragon Ball Super" episode 35 showed the battle between Vegeta and Frost.

YHM previously reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 showed Frost kicking Goku out of the ring. It stirred controversy in the match since it seemed as if the Frieza look-alike used magic on the Super Saiyan.

It was revealed that Frost was using a poisonous needle in his wrist. This led to Vegeta stepping up and challenging Frost to a fight.

According to AOTFB, the Saiyan Prince immediately powered up to Super Saiyan. Vegeta sent Frost flying out of the ring with an uppercut.

It was also revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 35 that Goku can return to the tournament since Frost cheated. This, however, led to an argument between the God of Destruction and the Super Saiyan since Goku wants to go last but Beerus wants Monaka to fight last.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 35 also teased at Monaka's background. In one scene, Whis asked Beerus if he will finally reveal the fighter's true identity.

Vegeta transformed to Super Saiyan in his fight with Magetta. Their battle is set to continue next week in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 36.

In another report by YHM, the publication noted that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 36 will be aired on Mar. 27 and is titled "An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta's Explosion of Rage!"

"Vegeta defeated Frost with one merciless attack," the plot synopsis stated.

"But, a new rule was established for the remaining matches. From now on, as soon as one touches the barrier, even in midair, it will be an "out-of-bounds loss". The next opponent of Vegeta is Magetta, the Metalman. With a sturdy body and diverse attacks, he gets Vegeta cornered..."

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 37 does not have an official title yet but will focus on Cabba. It will air on Apr. 3, 2016.

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