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Hugh Jackman News: Is The Actor Darting His Way Through His Vocal Cords Now? ‘Gatson’ On 'The Jonathan Ross Show' Creates Waves

By Sunia Mukherjee | March 22, 2016 09:26 AM EDT


Hugh Jackman and Luke Evans appeared on ''The Jonathan Ross Show'' and sang ''Gaston" which amazed the viewers. "No one's slick as Gaston / No one's quick as Gaston" the lyrics of the song were funny and the audience rolled over to the performance to their favorite stars.

Hugh Jackman became a household name when he was nominated for ''Best Actor'' for ''Academy Award'' for his role in ''Les Misérables'' which was released in 2012. E online reported about the entire episode of the TV series episode and mentioned, ''Singing "Gaston," the four men and one woman took turns singing the catchy verses, all while holding full beer steins, of course.''

It is anticipated that this move was in order to promote the upcoming movie ''Beauty and the Beast'' which is all set to be released in 2017. IMDb reported a positive popularity of this movie and Luke Evans is all set to play the role of Gaston - the French bully. Emma Watson will play the role of Belle.

''Hugh Jackman's singing voice wowed telly viewers on Jonathan Ross' chat show'' reported Mirror. Jackman launched the Gaston theme of the upcoming movie from the world of Walt Disney Feature Animation. Luke Evans and Taron Egerton are the co-actors of this upcoming movie who were present on the ITV show.

The show went viral on Twitter and social media. ''Hugh Jackman and Luke Evans singing on Wossy is TV god," wrote one viewer. 

"Luke Evans and Hugh Jackman singing as Gaston on Jonathan Ross, I'm going to sleep well tonight," said another viewer.

Fans have seen Jackman as Logan / Wolverine in ''X-Men'' (released in 2000), ''X2: X-Men United'' (released in 2003), ''X-Men: The Last Stand'' (released in 2006), ''X-Men Origins: Wolverine'' (released in 2009), ''The Wolverine'' (released in 2013) and ''X-Men: Days of Future Past'' (released in 2014). It seems the actor wants to retire from this franchise now.

"One more. That's the last one... It's been 17 years, I can't believe it's been'' stated Jackman on the show. ''It's amazing. With cameos it's already eight [films], it feels like a lot and I've loved it and I'm so excited about this last one I can't in my head think of anything else to do with the character but I know someone else will take over the role."

Hugh communicated with the audience present on the sets of the show. On the whole it was an entertaining show. So what's next for this talented actor? This 47 year old actor is waiting for a big break after his movie ''Eddie the Eagle'' did not fare well in the box office. So will this promotion help him to win another big franchise?

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