‘Matrix 4-Matrix Resurrection’ To Be A Game Changer In The Franchise: Keanu Reeves Spills The Beans

With the news of ''Matrix 4'' lurking up round the corner, the fans of Keanu Reeves are waiting for a treat. Keanu Reeves in several interviews talked about the complete game-changer which the sequels ''Matrix 4'' and ''Matrix 5'' will be.

It is already reported by various sources that the fourth instalment will be named as ''Matrix Resurrection'', and it will be released in 2017. YHM did a few articles which covered all the aspects of this upcoming thriller movie. The fans can experience the action happening in 3D and that is an extra bonus. ''The Wachowski Brothers'' who are the makers of this franchise are taking tips from the ''Avatar'' famed James Cameron regarding the 3D effects. This movie is now so much in demand that even change.org which is a portal for bringing social reforms, also is demanding for the sequels. 

''But the big news came when Reeves revealed that he met with the Wachowskis around Christmas. They told him that they completed script treatments for two more "Matrix" instalments. They are planning to make the films in 3D and have already met with James Cameron to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Reeves added that he's excited to return as Neo and promised that the treatments will truly revolutionize the action genre like the first "Matrix" film did'' was the report on IMDb about the forthcoming Matrix 4 & 5.

''This isn't surprising as Warner Bros. is rebooting a franchise and they want to build another one in the case of the rebooted Godzilla, and are working hard to build the franchises of Batman, Superman and other heroes in the attempt to make a DC Cinematic universe so it is possible that they have the "Matrix" in mind as a possible franchise to revisit'' reported Kdramastars.

There is a trailer uploaded on YouTube, however, it is not sure if it is genuine. ''The report sparking all of this Matrix sequel debate comes from AICN who posted the news based upon an e-mail sent to them by a reader.  Within the account, the reader (who refers to himself as "El-Nino") claims that Reeves told the audience that he feels he has an obligation to fans of The Matrix to deliver a movie worthy of the game-changing franchise to which it would belong'' reported Collider.

So what kind of a game change will this movie do? What the fans want to see in the upcoming movie?

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