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9 K-Pop Ombres You Must Try This Summer

By Chaeil | May 16, 2016 10:58 PM EDT


Hair experimentation has always been a craze, but more and more we are seeing people go beyond their normal looks and rock some bold styles straight out of a K-Pop MV! Check out these hombres you'll want to imitate in no time!

  1. [highlight]Girls' Generation Taeyeon[/highlight]
    Who says blondes have more fun? It's time to get pretty in pink.
  2. [highlight]SHINee Taemin[/highlight]

Show off your dark side with this sensual and allusive deep purple! Stands out while for those natural blondes.

  1. [highlight]Red Velvet Joy[/highlight]
  1. Want to master that natural look? Nothing says 'Going Green' more than this exotic color. Guaranteed  to fill you with Joy!
  2. [highlight]Seventeen Junghan[/highlight]
  3. Because two is better than one! Matching any outfit will be a breeze and you'll have the hottest ponytail around when you tie these colors together.
  4. [highlight]T-ara Jiyeon[/highlight]
  5. If being a natural beauty is your title, keep it simple and elegant with this classic, but coveted, combo! A best for beginners.
  6. [highlight]Big Bang G-Dragon[/highlight]
  7. Classic G-Dragon and classic trend. Go gray or go home.
  8. [highlight]SPICA Jiwon[/highlight]

Think pink! This color really channels the inner hipster we all want to unleash.

  1. [highlight]Wassup Nari[/highlight]

Well known for rocking her vibrant purple hair, Nari looks sexy in her blue and green-fade ombre. Like a hip-hop mermaid of the sea.

  1. [highlight]Girl's Day Sojin[/highlight]

Dazed and confused about your hair color? Just go for a rich blue and let the compliments come flowing in.

[highlight]BONUS - The Reverse Ombre[/highlight]

Because who follows the rules anymore?

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