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‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Premiered In London On May. 9, 2016: US Fans Wait For Its Release On May. 27, 2016

By Sunia Mukherjee | May 21, 2016 11:43 AM EDT


''X-Men Apocalypse'' premiered in London on May. 9, 2016 and the fans in the US are waiting for its US release on May. 27, 2016.

Collider talked in details about the plot which this ''X-Men'' instalment will cover- the origin of romance of Cyclops and Jean Grey. This big-budget movie of $234 million which has many A-listers like Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence is expected to do well in the box-office. Bryan Singer, the director of the movie revealed many things to the fans.

''So it looks like Singer's take on Dark Phoenix is that it's a dark source of power (and again, a secondary mutation rather than something extra-terrestrial like in the comics), but Professor X isn't telepathically repressing this young Jean'' is what the article had to say. ''I'm excited to see the chemistry Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner have together since their characters work best as a couple and if this will finally get us to the Dark Phoenix saga done right. Or they could botch it again and have Cyclops blown to smithereens'' clarified Singer.

Slashfilm too had published an interview with the writer Andrew Kevin Walker. The interviewer asked the question, ''Your approach to story and tone and character are what remain intact.'' ''Kevin Feige and I had a conversation about this recently where he felt when he saw Days of Future Past that the tone actually reminded him - because Feige worked as an assistant with us on X-Men 1 - he felt... I rewatched X-Men 1 and 2 to remind myself what sort of tone I have to maintain'' is what Walker had to say.

''If I'm going to see a Star Wars movie or a movie from a franchise I love, whatever it is, I'm going to want to see that tone maintained. If that tone shifts, I'm like whoa, whoa, that's a different movie. It might have shifted a little because a different director did First Class, but I'm still very proud of First Class. Matthew [Vaughn] is brilliant, and it was a minor tonal shift. And Matthew's obsession was to not shift tone, he was the one that was like "I'm going to open this in Auschwitz," he was the one saying "I want this to be in the canon of your X-Men movies'' he added further.

Since the movie will be released soon, we can watch it and see it for ourselves now.

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