VIXX Wows Starlights During Toronto Fanmeeting

By Leah Westbrook | May 26, 2016 10:41 PM EDT


Toronto's K-Pop Convention kicked things off this past Friday night with an unforgettable evening with Jellyfish Entertainment's beloved idol group, VIXX.

Packing the theater to near-capacity, Starlights from around the world flocked to the convention to show their love and support for their beloved group.

Taking the stage by storm, VIXX opened the evening with a stellar 3-song set that included "Chained Up," "Voodoo Doll" and "Beautiful Killer."

A brief introduction from the group lead straight into another 2-song set which included the group's most recent release, "Dynamite," and the ever-popular track "Spider," from the album Chained Up.

Taking a few moments to better introduce themselves, VIXX then began to chat amongst themselves and answer a few questions from their fans. At one point, VIXX was asked: If they could have one trait from one of their fellow members, what would it be? Though not everyone answered, Hyuk did admit that he'd like to have Ravi's bank account and Leo admitted he'd like to have Hyuk's age, to which Hyuk replied, "That's impossible!"

Wrapping up their chat, VIXX moved into another 2-song set that included, "Say U, Say Me" and "B.O.D.Y."

A more extensive chat time followed, during which the members of VIXX had a moment to express their gratitude towards their beloved Starlights. It was during this time Leo and Ken sang a bit of Bruno Mars' "Talking to the Moon," Hongbin promised to perform in other cities in Canada, so long as Starlights would be there and N promised to prepare for a future drama.

From there the group moved into another Q&A session, only this time the questions were asked by the members themselves. N asked Hongbin why he was so handsome, to which Hyuk answered, "He just is." Hyuk asked Ken how he felt when the came to Toronto and saw all the Starlights, to which Ken answered, "I'm extremely happy because I love you [Starlights]. I love this moment right now. I'm trying to memorize it forever. It's really good to see you all."

During this time Ken asked Leo to perform a bit from his current musical, Mata Hari to which he happily obliged. As the questions continued, Ravi made fun of N, asking him if he was always tired because he was so old and Hyuk promised to protect both VIXX and Starlights from all of life's troubles because he's gotten so strong.

Moving into another set of songs, VIXX performed "손의이별" and "태어나줘서 고마워" before the lights dimmed and a behind-the-scenes video of the group played.

From there the group moved into their final set of songs which included numerous fan-favorites including "Error," "Secret Night," and "On & On."

Taking one last chance to say farewell to their beloved Starlights, VIXX wrapped up the evening with a remix of "Eternity" before disappearing into the darkness.

Unwilling to let VIXX go so soon, the auditorium rang with the voices of hundreds of Starlights chanting in unison for their beloved group.

Unable to ignore such overwhelming love from their fans, VIXX returned for an encore. With many smiles and waves, VIXX bade their beloved Starlights farewell one last time as they performed their final song, "Love Equation."

As all good things must, this evening with VIXX came to an end, leaving Starlights with happy hearts a thousand treasured memories.

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