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‘Sword Art Online’ Movie To Incorporate Technically Advanced Augma: Reki Kawahara Spills The Beans

By Sunia Mukherjee | June 10, 2016 01:54 PM EDT


While the fans wait for the release of the upcoming movie ''Sword Art Online,'' the makers have revealed many details during the Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival 2016. Viewers can expect a technically advanced movie as the usage of Augma to provide the viewers an experience of ''evolution of the world.''

The cast of the movie was already revealed and Kpopstarz had kept the readers abreast of that news. Haruka Tomatsu will play the role of Asuna and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will be seen as Kirito and both will lend the voices to these characters. Reki Kawahara talked about the usage of the instrument Augma throughout the movie.

''The first key visual drawn by abec shows Kirito and Asuna already wearing the Augma. According to abec, the Augma is the small device near their ears. Needless to say, it was original creator Reki Kawahara, the man behind the original concept and screenplay, who came up with the idea for the Augma. According to Mr. Kawahara, "Throughout Sword Art Online, we've seen the devices evolve, from the NerveGear to the Amusphere. And now it feels like it's inching closer to the Neuro-linker, a choker-like apparatus worn around the neck that appears in another story of mine, Accel World." Sword Art Online is said to be set 20 years before the events of Accel World, so you could say it's a machine that enables users to experience the evolution of the world. And the ARMMORPG driven exclusively by this Augma is Ordinal Scale (OS)'' was the information uploaded in the official website's special report.

On the official website of the movie ''Sword Art Online'' the makers have talked about a #‎AniplexLive stream on Twitch and the fans can win autograph boards signed by Sakura Con and Anime Boston guests. The character design concept by abec is going smooth and Kirito, Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, Sinon and Klein are equipped with Ordinal scale.

Kpopstarz will come up with more information about the creation of this movie soon.

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