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Plot To 'Entourage' Movie Sequel To Continue The Story Of Turtle And Ronda Rousey?

By Aurora Banks | June 14, 2016 07:04 AM EDT


While the gang is still enjoying the success of "Entourage" movie, a sequel is reportedly already on its way.

And despite the bad reviews, director Doug Ellin is reportedly determined to bring another "Entourage" movie for fans to enjoy.

Whilst the script has yet to be made, Jerry Ferrara has already managed to make continuation story to his character Turtle.

Apparently, Ferrara wanted to pursue the love story of Turtle and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey in "Entourage" movie sequel. This is in addition to his money issues.

"I would worry about Turtle keeping his money," he said. "Like, he really starts to think he's Marc Cuban and risks it all on a tech company."

Adding, "As far as Ronda goes, I hope he doesn't screw it up," the actor said. "To use a fighting reference, he's punching outside of his weight class."

And while Ferrara already has plans for his character's plot, director Doug Ellin on the other hand, admitted that while he is aware that there is a planned sequel, he has yet to think of anything about the sequel's possible story.

"I don't have any thoughts on what it is yet, but the plan is to do another one," writer, director and series creator Doug Ellin revealed to Zap2it.

However, Ellin claimed that despite seemingly having an already happy ending, there's still more to tell about Adrian Grenier's character, which could be reflected in the sequel's plot.

"That's how life is. Everything seems great," Ellin said. "That's especially how Hollywood is. Everything seems great, then it goes to s***."

Ellin also took time to defend his movie from critics claiming that "Entourage" movie is "a teenager's fantasy come to life" and "Hollywood fails in its transparent attempt to make itself likeable."

According to HuffPost UK, Ellin wanted to show audience that "Entourage" is something they can enjoy, a movie where there's no need to analyze the plot.

"People, especially critics, want to go 'what's the important reason behind this?'" He said. "There is no important reason, this is supposed to be 90 minutes of fun.

"You're supposed to go to the theatre, forget about your day, have fun. And that's it.

"We're lucky that we get to do this. What you see on the screen is kind of how we feel when we're doing it."

Moreover, he reminded critics that "Entourage" movie is not a big-budget film as compared to "San Andreas" or "Spy."

"People are judging this movie as though it's a $100m movie, when it's a $25m movie," he says. " We're a modestly budgeted studio movie. It's a wild ride and I tried to put all of that in the movie.

"I don't want you to spend your time analysing it, I just want you to have a laugh."

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