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'Samurai Jack' Reboot In Adult Swim! What To Expect? Saying Goodbye To Netflix?

By Aurora Banks | June 15, 2016 11:21 AM EDT


By New Year, you won't be able to watch Samurai Jack and a number of other movies and TV shows but by next year, you will be able to enjoy the Samurai Jack Reboot in Adult Swim.

Here are the things you might want to expect from the reboot of the animated series you have loved as a kid (if you were a kid back in the 90s, that is).

There Scotsman might return - and why not! The Scotsman is one of the few recurring characters in "Samurai Jack" The ruffian mannerism of the Scotsman is noted most of the time although he is just as fearsome as Jack. With the reboot,Design Trend says that it would be nice if the two would team up more often; Jack's graceful skills with the Scotsman's rugged approach to battling enemies is fun to watch.

Another thing to expect with the "Samurai Jack" reboot in Adult Swim you may see a number of flashback in Jack's life. Samurai Jack's fans are hoping that they would see a flashback of Jack's life have more detailed information on how Jack became a warrior that he is now. And since the series wasn't available for so long, a good catch up would be nice.

And you might also want to expect Aku to be defeated in the reboot. The intense battle between Aki and Jack had become a bit dragging by the time the show came to a halt more than a decade ago. In the reboot, we may expect to have new challenges between the two and eventually conclude to Aku's defeat.

Those are the things you can expect on the reboot of "Samurai Jack" in Adult Swim but expect for the series to be not available on Netflix soon. Other shows and movies that are not available in the online streaming company include Adventure Time, Iron Man 3, Cartoon Network faves such Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny and Powerpuff Girls among others according to The Independent.

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