The Boy Next Door Kang Ha Neul Returns To Singapore

By iReporter Team | September 08, 2016 09:28 PM EDT


Actor Kang Ha Neul, known for his roles in dramas such as "Monstar" and "The Heirs" and the ever popular movie, "Twenty" recently had made his appearence at the sunny island, Singapore.

At a press conference, on 26 August at The Westin Singapore, the actor appeared in a dashing black suit and expressed his gratitude as he didn't expect the large number of fans in Singapore. It was the actor's second time in Singapore, but he gave a warm smile greeting media promoting his new upcoming drama, Scarlet Heart.

Kang said that he was aware of the ever popular original Chinese version prior the remake. He also expressed the pressure he received, but that did not stopped the actor from giving his all and to enjoy as much as he can. Along with the most prominent director in Korea, He really enjoyed the whole process.

Besides the outstanding line-up of actors working together with him, he mentioned that fans or viewers should look out for the aesthetic visuals and the colours of the scenes in the drama. The drama will definitely push one notch forward with this element. 

Kang was being asked about a fun fact of himself, and something that the public does not know of. Compared to the 8th prince, he's character in the drama, he's not as smart or exactly good in martial arts.  He described himself, a boy next door, nothing extra-ordinary. 

When asked about how can the drama appeal to the younger viewers, as it is based in the historical era. He said that, " The drama is a mixture of historical era with fantasy elements that provokes imagination is an appealing factor."

" What other roles that do you want to try in your upcoming production?" The actor smiled grinly as he answered " I'm attracted to roles that has traits which i do not have in my real life. I've thought about acting as a young father to a child and I want to bring that to the table. It really makes me think on how do i deliver so i want to try it out "

Regarding what he likes about his 8th prince character, the actor exploded in English, " Everything! Just kidding!" Continued, " I was born as a prince. I wanted to explore life and did a lot of things but as a prince, I'm restricted " He explained, he met the female lead 'Haesoo' (played by IU) who allowed him to find his freedom and realised what he really wants to pursue in life. The girl element in the drama made him realise of his capabilities.

Actor was taken aback when being asked if his life were to turn into a movie, who would he want to play him in the movie? After pondered for a while, he replied, "That's a really difficult question, I want someone that is my best friend or someone who knows me well to play out this role." 

The drama is related with transporting back in time. Between transporting back in time or take a peek into the future, he chose to go back in time. As the future was already been decided by the present, he doesn't have the power to make a difference. But if he travels back in time, he could make amendments and make the right decision in life 

" I was really surprised and happy to see the venue is packed with people who came to see me. Thank you for the invitation, I will make good memories. When I return to Korea, I'll try my best to give you a better image " he said as the press conference comes to an end.

Kang Ha Neul also made a public appearance on the 27 August, at the Waterway point. He greeted his Singaporean fans and spent a memorable time with a few lucky fans.  

You can watch the footage from the press conference captured by the KpopStarz team. 

Scarlet Heart premieres on 29 August at the SAME TIME AS KOREA, every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm, first and exclusively on ONE. ONE is available in Singapore through Singtel TV Ch 513 & 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 & 823. 

Written by: Hanisah | Photos by: Hanisah and Ong Melin | Video by: Ong Melin

Special thanks to ONE  for the invitation to cover the press conference. 

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