GFriend Holds First Showcase In Singapore

By iReporter Team | October 11, 2016 01:22 PM EDT


GFriend finally held their long-awaited first showcase on the 3rd of September in Singapore!
As expected from the popular girl group, the venue was filled with Buddies (official fanclub name). Even though the group has only been in the K-Pop scene for a year, they've definitely proven to be talented with their promising stages. The fans were screaming enthusiastically as the showcase started with a VCR of GFriend, showing the fans were ready to meet their favourite girl group!

The crowd went crazy as soon as they heard the school bell rang, which cued us the song they'll be singing for the first stage, "Glass Bead"! The girls came on stage donning the schoolgirl look, and as expected of them, they did not fail to impress us with their sleek choreography.  After the energetic "Glass Bead", the girls continued with their next stage flawlessly. While performing, the girls did not forget to wave to their fans, greeting their fans and throwing lots of hearts.

After their opening stage, the girls started the session by introducing themselves. Umji and Yuju showcased their English skills and won over the heart of the Buddies. During the talk segment, GFriend shared their backstage photos and explained the stories behind each photo. One of the sweetest photos that was shared was a photo of the girls sitting together having a meal prepared by their fans, Buddies. "It really felt like a mother's love," said Umji, touched by Buddies' sweet thought. Umji also expressed that she was thankful to Buddies when they won first with the track "Navillera". On the topic of food, they mentioned chocolate, fruits, spicy food and that they really liked cold noodle (also known as "Naengmyeon") as the weather is getting hotter these days in Korea. For Umji and Yerin, they celebrated their birthday practicing archery for ISAC and took a cute selca together to commemorate. When asked what the most memorable gift that was given to them, Yerin answered "Fortune cookies were given to us from the fans. We open them one by one every morning." It gets interesting as the days go by, since the messages in the fortune cookies are full with wit such as "Be careful of Sowon!" Eunha also shared a backstage photo of her guesting on "Masked Singer", after which she sang a snippet of the song she performed on the show. The crowd cheered her on as she flushed with shyness. The girls were always thoughtful of Buddies for being their Number 1 support.

After the talk segment, it's game time! GFriend played a "Game of Staring", which the camera picked a fan to have a staring showdown with the girls. The losing member or fan must do a forfeit, which is aegyo! Their fans were very supportive and showcased their competitiveness even though they were against their beloved idol. It was a fun and memorable game for both the fans and GFriend.

GFriend showed off their knife-like-choreography with "Rough", "Me Gustas Tus" and more for their Singaporean Buddies! They performed not only their hit songs, but also other songs from their albums, which portrayed a different side of the girls showing their passion on stage. Finally, it's time for the last song "NAVILLERA", their latest hit! The fans were up on their feet dancing and sang along with the girls!

After they said their goodbyes, the fans kept on cheering for "ENCORE!" and the girls went up on stage again with basket of chocolates to award the fans for giving their all for them! The girls said their final goodbyes and bowed to the fans as they left the stage. It's a pity it ended quickly! We hope GFriend had a wonderful time here in Singapore and Buddies had a memorable time meeting the girls.

Watch GFriend performances below:

Special thanks to Three Angles Group for inviting to cover GFRIEND L.O.L Singapore Showcase 2016.

Writer: Hanisah | Photo Credits: Hanisah and Ong Melin| Video Credits: Ong Melin


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