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Album Review : BTS - 'Wings'

By Jaswin Singh | October 11, 2016 06:38 AM EDT


This album is BTS' second full album. I am not a big fan of BTS but I am not a hater too. I like some of their songs like "Butterfly" "Run" and "Save Me'.

So here is my review:

Intro: Boy Meets Evil - it was a nice intro. Very BTS in nature.

Blood Sweat Tears - I love this song! I love Jimin, Jungkook, and V's voice. The start where they sang was really nice, and then the beat dropped. After that, the rap is nice, as always. I am not really a fan of rapping but their rappers are great so it's bearable. I love the "wonhae manhi manhi manhi manhi" part. It's really addicting. It got stock in my mind after watching their mv.

Begin - This song is amazing! I love this song. The beat, the voice, everything! One of my faves! Jungkook indeed is the golden maknae of Bangtan.

Lie - creepy beginning that helps the build up of the song. The beat is, once again, really good. I was kind of shocked with the chorus, it sounded a bit different but still good.

Stigma - V's husky voice definitely suited the song. The piano and the beat are sexy. It has a jazzy and RnB sound to it. His high notes and falsettos are amazing! This one is the most different from all of the other songs. It does not have a Bangtan sound to it.

First Love - as I have said before, I am not a fan of rapping but his rapping style is so unique. He has this sing-song style. It's like he is directly talking to you. I know Suga has just released his solo so this is like an extension of that. I feel like I can feel his pain with his rap. I also like that he isn't just bragging like other raps out there.

Reflection - I know that Rap Monster is a great lyricist. I searched for the English translation and I wasn't disappointed. Honestly, I liked this more than Suga's. I love the lyrics, they are very relatable. I like it when singers or artists write about life and not just love. The beat is also awesome!

MAMA - Jhope, the member who stood out for me in the mv. I love the lyrics of this song. I love that Jhope appreciates everything his mom did for him. It is nice to know how idols struggled for what they are now. It makes them more of a human. The "Hey Mama" part is really addicting and it does not sound as sad as the lyrics.

Awake - this song is probably the one that is closest to a ballad and I love ballads. Jin's voice sounds so fragile, it is so good. I love the softness of the song. The chorus is amazing especially when the beat started. This song can be an OST for a drama.

Lost - I love the guitar sounds. I like the build up sound and the chorus sounds nice. It has that Bangtan signature to it. "Lost my way ay ay ay" part is addicting.

BTS Cypher 4 - I like the playful sound in the beginning, then the beat dropped it was super nice. The rap part is not my cup of tea. I am not really a fan of rapping that sounds like shouting. I love the lyrics though. It is an FU to the haters!

Am I Wrong - this one sounds like the old BTS. It is very hyped up and energetic. I remember their first two albums with this song.

21st Century Girls - like "Am I Wrong' this song reminds me of old BTS. The beat, the rapping, the addictive lyrics. It will definitely make you bob your head with it.

Two! Three! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days) - This type of songs from BTS is what made me like them. I love their slower and vocal focused songs. The four members' voices are really amazing. I love the whispher-ish part. The chorus is great too. This song is like a friendship song for the members. Like everything will be alright. A feel good song. It is night after hearing the two songs before it.

Interlude: Wings - this one sounds a bit retro. It sounds great. Maybe BTS should try retro frothier next album. With its beat, this is a great song for clubbing and partying.

I really like it when idols are hands-on on their music. I love the fact that Namjoon wrote every rap part he did, same with Suga and Jhope. I am not a fan of BTS but one thing's for sure, THEY ARE AMAZING. Their musicality shows with this album. They definitely did mature with this one.

I give this album 4.4 out of 5. I love the fact that each member has a solo and it does sound like the music they want to pursue. Great job Big Hit! If you want to listen to the whole album here it is:

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