Beast Members Will Not Renew Contract with Cube Entertainment

It was reported earlier that all of Beast's members' contract with Cube Entertainment are expiring this year. The time has come and the fans are waiting for the members' decisions.

Soompi reported that none of the five remaining members are renewing their contract with their former agency, Cube entertainment. It was also reported earlier that Jang Hyunseung left Beast with unknown reason but he is still in the company. He too, will not be renewing his contract with Cube.

Since Cube entertainment is currently in the rocks, which might be the reason why Beast members, former and current, are not renewing their contracts. Allkpop has said that there is only a week left before it officially expires. Their fans are anticipating as to what the members will do.

Most fans want the remaining members to make a one-man agency and just self-support their music. However, there were others who are speculating that Kikwang and Dujun might not want to be idols anymore. While Yoseob, Junhyung and Dongwoon still want to continue music especially Yoseob, the group's main vocalist. Fans will support whatever the members want to do. They are okay with both and will support members' solo endeavours.

About Hyunseung, fans were not really shocked with the news about Hyunseung as has already skipped some of the group's schedules. However there is still a portion of the fandom that wants them to have a reunion or just officially get back together.

Cube entertainment is not really in a stable situation after their former CEO was in a hospital. After he was replaced, many things in Cube entertainment changed. First of all, what happened to 4 Minute, their disbandment, and fans are still blaming the entertainment company for what happened. Now, fans just have to wait and trust the members as to whatever they want to do. 

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