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Fans Capture This Entertainment Company Reusing Clothes For Boy Groups

08.15.17 | 01:05PM EDT

Fans Capture This Entertainment Company Reusing Clothes For Boy Groups

Yoo Seon Ho was complimented by his classmate's mother for his nice attitude.

Yoo Seon Ho's Good Deed Was Complimented By His Classmate's Mother

Hot Issues 05.11.17 | 02:04PM EDT

Yoo Seon Ho was complimented for his nice behavior. Check it out here!

There is plagiarism issue of Changsub's cover album with Troya Sivan's.

Changsub's First Solo Album Cover Wass Reported Plagiarizing Troye Sivan's: Netizens Demanded Quick Respond From Cube Entertainment

Hot Issues 04.27.17 | 05:43PM EDT

There is big similarity of Changsub's album cover and Troye Sivan's album cover. Netizens asked Cube to give their statement.

Highlight, BEAST

This Is What Highlight Did To Rebel Against Former Label Cube Entertainment

Hot Issues 04.06.17 | 09:31AM EDT

Son Dongwoon recently confessed that he and his bandmate at Highlight used to rebel against their agency and bailed out of schedules.

What Cube Entertainment's New 'Triple H' Image Means

The Mystery Of Cube Entertainment's New 'Triple H' Image; Collaboration Of Big K-Pop Artists Possible?

Trending News 04.05.17 | 07:11AM EDT

Cube Entertainment is once again leading the K-pop popularity contest as it has just sparked curiosity with its new "Triple H" image.


HyunA's Next Project In May Is Reportedly Another Version of Trouble Maker

Trending News 03.30.17 | 12:34PM EDT

HyunA is about to form a mixed gender group in May.

BTOB has close relationship with Highlight.

BTOB And Highlight Interview: Group's Close Relationship Revealed

Interviews 03.27.17 | 10:11PM EDT

BTOB recently did a photo shoot for Sports Seoul. Their close relationship with Highlight was revealed during the interview.

Cube Entertainment was reported to have a huge loss since major artist left.

Cube Entertainment Was Reported To Have A Huge Loss Last Year As Major Artists Left

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 08:01AM EST

Cube Entertainment was reported to have a deficit last year since BEAST left. They had a hard time as BEAST contributed 45% of overall sales.

BtoB dropped extra teaser images for tenth mini album

BtoB Released Extra Teaser Images for 'Feel'eM' Mini Album With Fantasy Concept

Hot Issues 03.05.17 | 08:57AM EST

BtoB will release their tenth mini album on March 6. They have released teaser images before but recently they dropped extra teaser images with fantasy concept.

[Album Review] CLC ‘Crystyle’

[Album Review] CLC ‘Crystyle’

Reviews 01.31.17 | 09:56AM EST

An album review of CLC's latest mini album "Crystyle".


HyunA’s Does Another Sexy Photoshoot For SINGLES Magazine

Reviews 01.30.17 | 11:45PM EST

As expected from the queen of sexiness, HyunA once again made her fans happy with a photoshoot. This time she collaborated with SINGLES magazine.

One of CLC pictures in Cube Entertainment.

CLC Just Dropped MV Performance For 'Hobgoblin', Giving A Fierce Image

Headlines 01.26.17 | 12:34AM EST

CLC made their comeback on Jan.17. Having the new song "Hobgoblin", they just dropped the MV. The image is fierce and it is really different from their past look, cute.

BEAST in their Christmas photo from their own agency Around US Entertainment founded on Dec. 15, 2016.

MBC ‘I Live Alone’ Will Reveal BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang Daily Life

Trending News 01.24.17 | 05:59PM EST

Lee Gi Kwang will be appearing in MBC's "I Live Alone" show, he will be revealing a lot about his private life in there.

CLC - 'Hobgoblin' MV Teaser

Hyuna Revamps CLC With Girl Crush Comeback

Headlines 01.16.17 | 09:37AM EST

Hyuna is helping Cube's only girl group, CLC, this comeback. CLC is coming back with a girl crush concept and title track "Hobgoblin".

Sohyun's first photoshoot after 4 Minute's disbandment.

Former 4 Minute’s Sohyun Shared Upcoming Show and Recent Hobbies

Interviews 01.03.17 | 11:24AM EST

After the official disbandment of Cube Entertainment’s 4 Minute last year, Sohyun shared her thoughts on working alone.

Jeon Soyeon Is An Official Cube Entertainment Artist

Jeon Soyeon Is An Official Cube Entertainment Artist

Hot Issues 12.29.16 | 03:16AM EST

Jeon Soyeon ss now an official Cube Entertainment artist after signing a contract. Also, Kang Sira of "Produce 101" will debut as a solo next year.

Beast Names Own Entertainment Agency ‘Around US’; To Start Anew

Beast Names Own Entertainment Agency ‘Around US’; To Start Anew

Hot Issues 12.16.16 | 05:15AM EST

Beast has named their very own entertainment agency ‘Around US’. The members will start anew and fresh next year.

Former Beast Member Jang Hyunseung Renews Contract With Cube Entertainment

Former Beast Member Jang Hyunseung Renews Contract With Cube Entertainment

Hot Issues 12.16.16 | 04:25AM EST

Cube Entertainment has announced that former Beast member Jang Hyunseung has renewed his contract recently.

Pentagon Ask Fans

Pentagon ask fans 'Can You Feel It' in new MV

Headlines 12.07.16 | 02:08AM EST

Pentagon has released their newest track "Can You Feel It" and its music video. Pentagon has also released 2nd mini album "Five Senses".


‘Five Senses’: Pentagon teases with new mini album

Headlines 12.10.16 | 12:27PM EST

Cube Entertainment's newest South Korean boy group released their first mini album on October 10, 2016. They are back again with their second mini album, which was released on December 7, 2016. The group came up with different kinds of teaser posters.


Popular female K-Pop groups we've lost this 2016

Headlines 11.30.16 | 01:22PM EST

Following news of 2NE1's disbandment, here are some of the other well-known girl groups that had disbanded this 2016.

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