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WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun to Take Time Off Due to Mental Health, Group's Comeback Delayed

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 14, 2016 02:52 AM EDT


Fans of the popular Korean boy band WINNER have been anxiously waiting for the group to release a new song but unfortunately, it seems as though the fans would still have to wait as WINNER's comeback has been delayed for the time being.

It should be known that WINNER had indeed plan to release a new song but that plan would have to be put on hold as one of their members seem to be suffering from mental health issues. The group's home agency YG Entertainment had released an official statement on October 12 regarding the mental health of band member Nam Tae Hyun. In their statement, they admitted that they were well aware of Tae Hyun's fragile mental health ever since he was a trainee. YG said that in the past few months, Tae Hyun's conditioned worsened which would now require him to get treatment.

The agency also said that they would prioritize his health that is why Tae Hyun is now staying with his mother instead of the dorms so he could get treatment.

"YG met with Nam Tae Hyun and his mother to discuss his condition and decided that he is not well enough to work. YG had all of WINNER's activities on hold so that Nam Tae Hyun could focus on getting well." YG said in their statement.

Unfortunately for both WINNER and their fans, it would probably take some time before the group can make a comeback. "At the moment, it is hard to say when WINNER will be able to come back,
but YG will do everything in its power to help WINNER overcome this crisis."

WINNER first made their debut back in 2014 after winning YG's reality survival program 'WIN: Who Is Next." After a year of their debut, the group went into hiatus so that their members could pursue solo careers.

While on hiatus, Tae Hyun took on a number of acting roles in TV shows like The Late Night Restaurant, Midnight's Girl, and Under the Black Moonlight.

Here's to hoping that WINNER overcomes this challenge and that Tae Hyun recovers from his current condition. 

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