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Twice Releases Individual Teasers For Jihyo, Mina, and Sana

By Jaswin Singh | October 17, 2016 10:09 PM EDT


Twice has released another individual video teaser for their upcoming comeback "TT". Twice has released individual teasers of their leader Jihyo, her co '97 liner Mina and "ShaShaSha" Sana.

Just like what in the teasers on Momo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon, Allkpop stated that these three are also busy doing their own thing. However, they were also upset that it did not go their way. First up was Mina. She is sewing a red sweater, maybe for her lover or crush, and it has a big hole in the middle. She got sad that she did not sew that part and did the "TT" at the end.

Next is Jihyo. She was typing a letter, maybe for Twice members or something, and she was not satisfied with the outcome. In the end, she also did the "TT" sign. Last but definitely not the least, is Sana. She was spraying water on a plastic plant. The "plant" looks dead and she is sad about that. She also did the "TT" sign in the end.

The video teasers were really cute and have vibrant colours. Fans are still speculating as to what is the main concept of this comeback. Also, the background music of the teasers is making the fans super excited and very very curious. It might be the melody of their upcoming title track. We do not know and we can only know on the 24th.You can watch Jihyo, Mina and Sana's individual teaser on Twice official Facebook page.

It also looked like they have released the teasers by age. Since Twice has released teasers for the six unnies, tomorrow will be the maknaes' turn. Teasers of Dahyun, Chaeyeoung and Tzuyu will be released. Are you excited for their teasers? What do you think will the three be doing in their individual teasers?

Watch Jihyo, Sana and Mina's teasers below!

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