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Jo Jung-Suk's new film with EXO' member D.O. 'Big Brother' to be released in November

By Menahem Zen | October 24, 2016 03:58 AM EDT


Actor Jo Jung-Suk's new film "Big Brother" to be released in November. He played a convict whose younger brother is a very talented judo athlete, played by EXO's member D.O., which listed in the cast with his real name, Do Kyung-Soo.

"Big Brother" or Hyung is a movie about two unlikely brothers, Doo-Sik (Jo) and his younger brother Doo-Young (Do). Doo-Sik is a convict and was sentenced to prison, while Doo-Young is a talented judoka who is in the competition to earn a spot in national championship.

Doo-Sik receives a parole because of his brother's achievement in judo. Soon after him being released, Doo-Sik finds his brother Doo-Young and they live together. From then on, many unexpected things happen, because they have been separated for 15 years.

The movie is scheduled to hit the theater on Nov. 20 according to Korea Daily. Actress Park Sin-Hye also plays in the movie as a judo coach.

Many people have expected to see the very talented actor Jo play alongside a new actor Do in the drama comedy "Big Brother" and the anticipation of the movie is surmounting. According to Korea Times, its theatrical trailer which was released through Korean Portal Naver on Oct. 17 has been viewed by 300 million viewers within two days. EXO stardom also plays significant part to increase the popularity of the "Big Brother."

Jo's latest project is a SBS drama "Jealousy Incarnate," which he played a charismatic news anchor Hwa-Shin and playing along another veteran actress Gong Hyo-Jin and young actor Go Kyung-Pyo. The drama is still airing as Monday and Tuesday night drama.

There is one interesting fact about Jo. He is one of the few Korean citizen who was granted exemption from mandatory military conscription due to his family issues.

In Korea, every male citizens between 18 and 35 years of old must attend the mandatory conscription without exeption. Citizen may exempted from the service under a specific circumstances such as health issue or family related issue. Other celebrity who was not conscripted is actor Cha Tae-Hyon due to his health issue.

Watch the official trailer of "Big Brother" from CJ Entertainment that has gained 300 million viewers in Korean Portal Naver below:

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