Fan Finds MBLAQ's Trophies in a Flea Market, Apparently Salvaged by Market Sellers After Being Thrown Away by J. Tune Camp

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Record label J. Tune Camp has come under fire when images of MBLAQ's first music show trophy being sold at a flea market have gone viral. Several fans have expressed their disappointment and ire when the photos first went into circulation. The photos were captured by a fan who was roaming around a flea market and was surprised to see a couple of trophies which belonged to the kpop boy group. What's even worse is that the trophies appeared to have just been salvaged by the sellers after they were thrown away, which only seemed to make the fans angrier at J. Tune Camp.

The news was first posted on Instaz and the trophy in question was MBLAQ's first number 1 trophy which they won on MNet M Countdown on June 23, 2010 for their song 'Y'. Unfortunately, the trophy was seen along with a few others from Strong Heart, the 2011 Asia Jewelry Awards, International A+ and the 2013 Republic of Korea Culture Awards which the group had all won. What makes it even more sad and infuriating is the fact that the trophies were lined along with a guitar, a baseball, a stuffed toy and other objects that don't seem to have any value.

Enraged fans were quick to demand an explanation from J. Tune Camp and as reported by Allkpop, the record label had responded via message confirming that the trophies were in fact authentic but also denying ever disposing of those trophies. J. Tune Camp also asked the fans the location of the flea market where the trophies are being sold so that they could investigate. They also asked the fans to stop with the speculation and spread of the viral photos as it can harm the image of the boy band. 

"Hello, this is J.Tune. First, let us apologize for this unfortunate situation. We don't know exactly how the trophies left the label. If you can tell us the exact place where you saw this, we will figure out the situation and give you feedback. Also, we are sorry, but we wish to make one request. We are worried that the MBLAQ members will be seen in a bad light due to the trophies making their way out of the company because of the company not being careful." The message read, according to Allkpop.

Unfortunately for the record label, the fans are having none of it as they continue to share the news.

Each trophy that an artist receives represents a milestone that not everyone can achieve and it is truly very saddening that these milestones have suddenly ended up in a flea market instead of being treasured and displayed for people to see. 

Debuting back in 2009, MBLAQ had recently celebrated their 7th year in the industry. After former member Thunder and Joon left the group in 2014, the group continued on as a trio. MBLAQ are currently on hiatus while G.O completes his military service.

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