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Mamamoo Releases Teaser Photos Of Whee In and Solar For “Memory” Comeback

By Jaswin Singh | October 25, 2016 11:32 PM EDT


Mamamoo has released on their social media accounts two teaser pictures of the Angel line in Mamamoo. Mamamoo will be having a comeback on November 7 with a new album and a new song.

This is the first batch of teaser pictures that Mamamoo has released for this. They released two teaser pictures and in the first one, Whee In and Solar are both in a red sparkly dress. The two are like in front of a mirror, touching the "mirror" and it is just each other's hand. It looks like they are reflecting each other's action. In the second picture, it has the same concept but they are leaning towards each other.

Both members look sultry and sad at the same time. We have reported yesterday that Mamamoo might release non-"beagle-like" concept with this comeback. This teaser picture is definitely living up to that rumor. Though, Mamamoo's teaser pictures are more often times serious and very classy, fans still get a very "Mamamoo" song.

Mamamoo released "New York" as a free single last September 20. They have also released sun-unit songs. Whee In and Solar is the Angel line of Mamamoo and they released "Angel". While Hwa Sa and Moon Byul are in the rapper line and they released the song "DabDab". They will release "Decalcomania" as their new title track for "Memory" mini album.

Fans are now super excited as to what will Hwa Sa and Moon Byul will look like in the teaser pictures. Mamamoo and Rainbow Bridge World Entertainment might release the teaser of the two later or tomorrow.

Mamamoo will definitely bring the house down with this comeback with whatever concept they choose. Fans and the majority of the public trust Mamamoo's music so they will, more or less, get the number one spot. With this comeback.

While waiting for more information and teasers, watch their "New York" music video first and the sub-unit's songs.

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