[Review] EXO Lay Solo Song 'Lose Control' MV

EXO's remaining Chinese member has released his solo song and album "Lose Control" last October 28. SM Entertainment has produced and distributed the album but the album is solely composed, arranged and also co-produced by the talented EXO member Lay.

The music video for "Lose Control" has a dark feel to it. It is also very sexy as Lay struts his slick dance moves. The song is about giving everything to the girl and as a result he is losing his self control. The music video has a very SM Entertainment feel to it. The music video is filled with random shots; Random dancing in a hallway, random shots of Lay looking handsome and cool, random shots of him and his love interest. Also, he wore suits and satin clothes to add some more sexiness to everything.

The choreography is what sold me out. Lay is a very good dancer. In my opinion, he is up to par with Kai it's just that Kai is more aggressive when it comes to dancing and Lay is more or "LAYed" back. For me, the choreography for "Lose Control" is really basic but Lay doing it makes it so much better. I really like his dancing style. He has that swag and goes with the flow feel when he is dancing. He does not try too hard to it looks really cool and sexy.

As for the song, it is in Chinese and my ears are not really used to listening to Chinese words. The melody of the song is really nice. I love the beat and the RnB vibe of it. I read the English translation and the lyrics are fine. Lay's voice is not as great as DO or Baekhyun but it is not that bad. His deep voice really adds something to the song.

Lose Control broke a record in South Korea for a most sales for a solo artist, the physical album sales surpassed 50,000 copies, and pre-orders surpassed 200,000 copies within a day from its release. Lay is the first EXO member who went solo. SM Entertainment is freer when it comes to him as he is the last Chinese member.

Lay definitely deserved this solo album because he is the most artistic and into music producing and other technicalities when it comes to EXO.

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